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Even the best building ages over time. The weather damages not only the external cladding, but also the entire structure. Just as the interiors and interior mains are damaged by normal use of the building. The need to adapt the building to a new purpose and modify it so that is suits the users and modern trends is also quite frequent.

Renovation of the building is subsequently the only solution for saving the building from falling into disrepair, or for modifying it so that it can serve the purpose it was intended for. Renovation means both building modifications during which the layout or height of the building remains the same, and also various extensive interventions, which change the entire character of the building significantly. In both cases a careful approach, which takes into consideration both the potential and natural character of the building and also the functions that the renovated building should fulfil, is most important.

The Trigema Building Company has been engaged in renovating buildings since 1994. Since then it has realised hundreds of buildings, the biggest in the value of hundreds of millions of Crowns. Its clients are government institutions, business subjects, other legal persons and private investors.

Trigema Building is a construction company with extensive experience in performing renovation work, which means it is capable of satisfying even very specific requirements.

The realised contracts can be roughly divided in to four categories:

  • Villas and historical buildings
  • Production and industrial buildings
  • Administrative buildings
  • Interiors, commercial and retail space

Each of these categories represents a different type of building and each requires a personalised approach. Trigema Building has experienced experts from many sectors of construction and uses the most modern procedures, technologies and materials during realisation of construction work.


Renovation of supermarkets for the Albert and Tesco chains is an important segment for this company. Other important work includes complete renovation of the Monínec sports resort for example.

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