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Trigema Building has been engaged in insulating buildings for over 20 years and it is currently a leader in this field in the Czech Republic. It simultaneously realises a number of renovations and other work – from actually commencing construction of apartment buildings and complexes, to their successful completion and timely handing over to the investor.

The first insulation work the company realised, under the name of Trigema s.r.o. at the time, concerned projects for family houses and other smaller buildings. This was gradually followed by projects for insulation of panel apartment buildings. One of the last such examples is the historically biggest project for insulation of an apartment building on Zelenohorská Street in Prague 8. The most frequently used insulation systems are Sto, Stomix, Ceresit Henkel, Alsecco and Baumit. We are members of the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, which helps stabilise the construction market. We are also new members of the Czech Green Building Council, which has the goal of integrating efforts to design, build, renovate and operate building and urban wholes in compliance with a healthy, prosperous and environmentally and socially friendly environment.

Revitalisation also includes insulation and potentially acoustic insulation and new facades. This also includes inspection of the structural integrity of a building and potential building modifications, insulation of the roof, installation of new windows, renovation of balconies and loggias and other work. We can mention renovation of the entire heating system in apartments or installation of a ventilation system as an example. We assure complete revitalisation of the entire building, from the initial inspection, through assessment, to execution and subsequent realisation of the project. A thorough inspection is not limited to just technical documentation, but also extends to the current condition of the building, which allows us to precisely determine the best procedure during the revitalisation.

Our company is registered as a specialist supplier of the Green Savings programme and is also a member of the Czech Green Building Council. We approach revitalisation of panel apartment buildings complexly and very professionally. At our project design centre we are capable of executing the complete project documentation, including colour design and unusual structural details and also ensuring measurement of the building by thermovision. We arrange financing, including all necessary administrative actions related to acquiring subsidies, for homeowners’ associations.

In recent years insulation of buildings has deservedly gained a lot of attention. The savings that can be gained by installing high-quality insulation and through revitalisation are considerable and more and more people are becoming aware of this. Trigema started experimenting with insulation soon after it was established and progressed from insulation of individual family houses to insulation of large panel buildings. The buildings that Trigema has insulated include one of the biggest apartment buildings in Prague on Štúrova Street. Other major projects include insulation of Znojmo Hospital or the buildings of the Secondary Vocational School and Training School in Central Bohemian town of Beroun, which took place in 2014 and 2015.

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Overview of insulated
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Insulation of roofs and facades

As well as insulation of perimeter facades and their revitalisation, one of the most important parts of a building from the aspect of insulation is the roof, through which a lot of buildings lose most of their heat. The approach naturally differs depending on the type of roof and depending on the technical execution. Our experts will recommend an insulation system that will suit the potential of your building and help minimise heat loss.

Thermovision measurement

Thermovision measurement is a contact-free method of revealing defects in building structures and inspecting correct execution of building work. Thermovision measurement can be used to display thermal bridges, localise malfunctions and hidden defects in perimeter walls or find minor defects in installation of insulation. Thermovision can also be used to localise leaking windows and perimeter lagging or reveal subsequently blocked apertures in the perimeter walls. Thermography is also used to find areas where moisture may condense within buildings, which may escalate into dangerous growth of mould.

Thermovision measurement can only be performed during cold weather. Inspection of internal installations by thermal camera can take place all year round (apart from seasonally heated media).

Support in obtaining subsidies

Revitalisation and insulation of houses is supported by various subsidies and relief from the state and the European Union. However, the conditions for obtaining such subsidies are not always simple from the aspect of correct execution of the insulation and particularly from the administrative aspect.

This is why the Trigema Building Company assures not only insulation work, but also arranges financing, including all the necessary administrative actions related to obtaining subsidies.

Complete revitalization

Complete revitalisation means a range of minor or major building modifications, which lead to the building’s increased energy efficiency, considerably increase living comfort and naturally also the overall value of the building. Other services we offer include for example:

  • ensuring the building's statics
  • - windows including MIV
  • balconies, loggias
  • inputs
  • reconstruction of the heating system
  • heat measurement and control
  • Replacement of ZTI risers
  • reconstruction of wiring
  • reconstruction of the air exchange system
  • lifts
  • apartment interiors
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