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Úvod Realization of Buildings Trigema Building History and present
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The history of the Trigema Building Company dates back to 1994, when the first repairs to fences, walls and minor renovations took place under its direction. By gradually acquiring new contracts and employees the company, while still under the name of Trigema s.r.o., started to profile itself as an important partner in the field of construction production for medium large and larger projects, in the region of Prague and in Central Bohemia. The first developer project contracts for the new Trigema Development s.r.o. Company gradually became a key turning point.

The overall development of the Trigema Group was one of the main reasons why construction production was split off into the independent Trigema Building a.s. Company. The following activities in particular started to be realised within the terms of this company: construction production, transport, hire facilities, preparation and project design. Major projects, which the company gradually managed to build, include for example the Science and Technological Park in Roztoky, the Roztoky Science Park, Monínec Hotel and complex, the Stodůlky Apartment building, 2Barevné Letňany or SMART Apartments Nové Butovice.


Present times

Trigema Building a.s. is currently one of the biggest subsidiaries of over thirty companies in the Trigema Group. The company’s turnover is over 500 million Crowns per year.

Trigema Building realises contracts for its affiliate Trigema Development and also for a number of other investors. These include prestigious clients such as Komerční banka, AVE, Tesco or Ahold Czech Republic. The company has also assured projects for the International School in Nebušice, Žatec heating plant, Znojmo Hospital, DOX art gallery and even the Secondary Vocational School and Training School in the Central Bohemian town of Beroun. Trigema Building also has a strong position in the sector of insulating buildings. One such example is one of the biggest projects of this type to be realised on Prague apartment buildings on Štúrova or Zelenohorská streets.

The company also does not avoid projects the nature of which is beneficial from the aspect of social responsibility. It particularly maintains a long-standing close partnership with Centrum Paraple, for which it assured renovation and subsequently also construction of a new building.

Activities linked to construction and further development of the range of services at the Monínec Resort, which has become a popular place to spend free time for Prague residents and residents of the Central Bohemia and South Bohemian Regions, is a separate chapter in the company’s activities. The affiliate construction company Trigema Building Moravia was also established in 2013. The construction production activities of this company cover the Moravian Region. The Trigema construction team mostly consists of authorised engineers and technicians, who undergo regular training and use the most modern work procedures and technologies. The BIM system and 3D project design are examples of these procedures. This is how a local construction company became a player that now covers the entire Czech Republic and offers professionals for a wide range of construction sectors.

Economic indicatiors


2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
700 709 735 755 588 442 511 845 684 127 573 850 488 023 626 290 553 547

(in thousands of CZK)

Own capital

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
49 959 69 276 54 140 51 970 58 831 42 452 43 197 41 425 41 756

(in thousands of CZK)

Number of employees

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
55 58 56 58 50 50 51 57 57


The Trigema Building Company meets the prescribed standards and has implemented an integrated management system (IMS):

  • quality management system according to ISO 9001 (QMS)
  • environmental management system according to ISO 14001 (EMS)
  • OHS management system according to OHSAS 18001 (SMS)
  • information security system according to ISO 27001 (ISMS)

The integrated management system is fully documented, with built-in inspection tools and feedback, including tools for further improvement.

As well as assurance of the maximum quality of the performed work and satisfaction of customer requirements, this integrated management system allows adherence to all OHS and fire prevention rules and minimisation of environmental impact when performing all the defined processes within the company. The integrated management system is regularly examined by an independent third party (accredited certification bodies).



The Trigema Building Company is also involved in many research activities, which are aimed at advancing the construction sector. We give a list of currently valid projects or programmes below.

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