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Control process / Automation of robotization

The development of construction production in the last few years, when an estimated 30,000 workers have left the entire industry, as well as the development of modern technologies are the starting point for Trigema to start focusing more on robotics and automation.

In response to the latest trends, it will be possible within our company to speed up the process of robotization and automation of construction production, for example by moving part of it to production halls and then only assembling individual parts of the project at the construction site.

For several years now, modern intelligent processes for the creation and management of projects have also been penetrating the construction industry through the solution of a building information model - the so-called BIM. This system, which is also used in our work, monitors, among other things, cost control and ensures the electronicization of documents or access to documents on the construction site in electronic form.

In addition, within the Trigema Building in the future, the fact will be added that the BIM system will include both the current actual state of the work and its subsequent use.

We try to look ahead and think well through the individual steps. The field of robotics and automation is one of the most priority for us in the coming months and years.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a modern, intelligent process for creating and managing model-based projects. It facilitates the exchange of information in the process of project design, construction and use of the building. It allows you to create and manage infrastructure projects and civil engineering - faster, more economically and with less impact on the environment. BIM software offers a broad portfolio of design, visualization, simulation and collaboration solutions based on the content-rich information of an intelligent model. It enables better and more informed decision-making and breaks down obstacles in construction processes. In many countries, the requirements for the use of BIM are already part of national industry standards for building design. .


Callida deals with solutions for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of constructions. At present, the euroCALC system can cover the entire construction order process. We are users of euroCALC, for whom it is crucial to compile a price offer quickly and accurately. All data is in one place, so everyone has an overview and everything under control. Thanks to him, our preparation department is able to perform a thorough analysis of the current state, which will show which correct and functional activities or processes will be maintained, or new procedures will be proposed. The system also cooperates with the portal, the most detailed online database of building materials on the Internet, which significantly facilitates budgeting.


SAP is an enterprise information system that integrates all areas of business activities. Thanks to these digitized business models, we create a competitive advantage not only in the form of financial management and controlling systems, but also in other areas, such as human resources, purchasing and sales. It supports financial planning and analysis, financial statement processes, risk management or financial operations, both in production and in the company's overhead. Within construction production, we have set up a unified planning and evaluation system for all construction orders, and we are able to evaluate all projects in deep detail thanks to the system. Everything is automated and set up so that management has all the necessary information at its disposal at any time, which it can flexibly consult and report to the client.

Quality control

The ISO 9001 standard is a standard that serves as a reference model for setting up basic management processes in an organization that help to constantly improve the quality of products or services provided and customer satisfaction. The ISO 14001 standard concerns environmental management and is intended for manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in all areas of business. Environmental management reduces the impact of an organization's activities on the environment, which results in an improvement in the environment and an improvement in the company's profile. OHSAS 18001 is a certification of the occupational health and safety management system (OSH) of building design.

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