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Electrical inspection

Electrical inspections aren’t just required for the safe operation of electrical equipment, including wiring in your apartment, electrical appliances as well as industrial buildings, workshops etc., but above all the legal duty of all operators of such facilities.

Trigema Facility is a certified partner for undertaking electrical inspections. Our technician will undertake an inspection of electrical equipment and wiring.

Electrical inspections are carried out for new electrical equipment, usually during installation, with regular electrical and wiring checks subsequently undertaken at least once every five years.

An inspection of electrical appliances carried out to a high quality will ensure you total safety in the use of such electrical equipment. As such, we are always responsible and thorough in our inspection of equipment, and we also aim to interfere to the minimum extent possible with your plans.

We offer:

  • equipment inspection
  • appliances inspection
  • wiring inspection
  • electrical equipment inspection