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Ecology and energy efficiency are not just fashion trends for Smart Living. On the contrary, they are firmly anchored in the Trigema Company’s philosophy. We try to achieve an even better level of insulation and energy efficiency in relation to the building on each new project, which results in multiple reduction of costs for energy consumption and the amount of harmful CO2 emissions. Smart Living also endeavours to increasingly make green roofs a part of residential projects. These roofs also absorb pollutants from the air, filter dust particles and prevent these from being stirred up. This is also why all rainwater is held in retention tanks and then used to water green areas for example.


Apartments, which are in the low-energy group B Clever Living standard, offer both savings on energy for heating and also a high standard of living and a positive impact on human health.

The basic element of Clever Living, which contributes to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, is a built-in ventilation system with highly efficient recuperation units.


If outdoor temperatures are very low, electric air heaters are used inside the apartments. The sources of ventilation of the apartment can be regulated. When you leave the apartment the frequency of ventilation can be reduced to the hygienic minimum. Controlled ventilation in Smart Living projects also has a number of other benefits, as well making financial savings. The pleasant environment is also enhanced by a stable temperature.


The suitable layout of the apartments and maintenance of an effective ratio between residential areas and common areas also contributes to appropriate use of energy. As a result, Clever Living apartment buildings do not have very long shared corridors or other areas, which are used by everyone. This is also why the designs of the apartment buildings respect requirements for optimum energy use of the building from the architectural aspect, particularly with regard to the shapes of these buildings.

The building materials and procedures for your Clever Living project are based on the principle of sustainability and are planned down to the last detail.

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