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Do you want to live in a healthy environment? Most people would probably answer yes. But what is the reality like? Many of us unfortunately do not take into consideration what building materials were used to build their home when choosing an apartment. They sometimes also underrate other aspects, which affect the quality of the apartment’s interior environment. This results in dry air, or conversely mould and the related health issues, which often accompany residents. What is the solution?


Choose housing where ventilation with sufficient air exchange is assured. Did you know that we consume on average up to 20 thousand litres of air a day? For example: the value of CO2 in the atmosphere in rural areas is 350 ppm, and 400 ppm to 450 ppm in the centre of the city. If ventilation is insufficient in heavily occupied and close interior areas, the CO2 concentration can actually rise to a value of over 10,000 ppm.

How to ensure that the air in our apartments contains the least possible amount of dust and pollutants and we feel comfortable? Thanks to recuperation. You don’t what this means? It’s not complicated. The fresh air from outdoors, which is supplied to every Smart Living apartment, passes through a recuperation exchange element, which discharges warm waste air from the building from the other side. The exchange element is capable of ensuring heat transfer with up to 90 per cent efficiency.

A ventilation system with pollen filters captures the individual particles. This means you prevent the air from being too humid and growth of moulds, mites and other pathogens, which also means that you won’t suffer from headaches or allergies, migraines and breathing difficulties as much. However, recuperation is not the only tool that is part of the Smart Living concept, which contributes to your increased feeling of safety and health. 


The structure of individual Smart Living apartments also “breathes” easily thanks to the natural materials, which restrict the probability of moulds or other harmful microorganisms. This also prevents unpleasant respiratory infections or lung cancer.


When preparing construction of Smart Living project we also avoid use of slag, which otherwise appears in construction blocks and building foundations, as well as use of glass wool for example, the fibres of which are often released spontaneously in buildings. Essentially: natural materials are pleasant to live in without negatively affecting either your home or the surrounding area with chemicals.


Light has a positive impact on the physical and mental comfort of people because it regulates our biological clock. It improves human concentration, alertness and mood thanks to production of the important vitamin D. Vitamin D is a strong activator of the immune system and is therefore essential for human health. When designing Clever Living projects we prefer large windows with triple-glazing. These bring not only enough of the all-important light into the apartment, but also create an atmosphere full of comfort and contentment, which also emphasises their other function – acoustic insulation, which cancels potential noise from the surrounding area. Windows are also an effective thermal insulation element. 


An integral element of the offer of Clever Living is also emphasis on your safety. Fire prevention systems are used not only to warn the residents of Clever Living projects, but also to summon the required assistance. The standard for cases of fire is naturally also protected emergency exit routes, ceiling fire sensors or fire blinds, which fully comply with the Fire safety building solutions standard.

Every owner of a Clever Living apartment receives a chip, which enables automatic locking and unlocking of the entrance doors. There is also a camera system by the door to each entrance. This monitors all the necessary factors, such as what is happening by the entrance and the surrounding area, and prevents undesirable people from not only entering your apartment building, but also from damaging it.  

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