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Satisfied Living

When deciding which apartment to buy you should take not only the price, location and energy efficiency into consideration. Clever living is also unique because it places emphasis on the quality of building procedures, building work and the used materials. This assures the long-term service life of your apartment and the quality of the housing itself. This is why we also view the surrounding environment and existing development when selecting a location and planning the project and we endeavour to ensure that new Clever Living projects continue to develop the concept of the area. 


In compliance with sustainable development Smart living uses natural materials, high-quality structural execution and technologies, as a result of which the apartments are nicer to live in. The standards include special lime-sand bricks or insulating plastic windows with triple-glazing. Insulation is also approached with deliberation, whereas the need for insulation is taken into consideration on one hand and the economic effectiveness of construction of individual apartments is taken into consideration on the other hand.   


The maximum attention that is given to all the important phases of preparation and realisation of each Smart Living project is worth it. Just like poor quality masonry is capable of reducing the value of an otherwise good project, the poor quality of execution of construction work will also make the structure lose the advantages of high-quality material. Despite this, it is still a matter of course for the seller of the Smart Living project to monitor the actual process of selection and purchase of each new apartment step by step. This means that each new client interested in a property is approached individually. Not just client changes, but also the system for removing potential defects, are discussed in detail with the client. Clients can use several various procedures to pay for the new apartment. All you have to do is choose.


Clever Living has a transparent and clear system of billing individual services, which are related to use of the apartments or common areas. Smart Living creates a healthy and satisfied environment, which also saves energy and reduces the environmental burden.

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