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Modern technology

Imagine that you can control your home easily from anywhere around the world. That you are not spending money on unnecessarily heating it when there is no one home and still return to a pleasantly warm environment. And during the hot summer weather your apartment will be aired before you enter it. 


An intelligent home mainly means easy control over appliances, heath regulation and security. Year by year we are using more and more electrical devices and more and more of them have internet access. Household automation interconnects all devices into a single system, which can be easily controlled through mobile devices or computer. This means that we do not need heaps of separate controllers and also that the individual devices can work with each other. For instance if you switch the television on, the blinds will automatically close and muted lighting will come on.

Fortunately, the times when there were bundles of cables everywhere and large ugly devices are long gone. If you decide to acquire household automation there is no need to worry that the appearance of your home will suffer. Everything takes place hidden in the background here. Devices such as the Blind module, fade device or Switch are designed so that they fit into standard control buttons on the wall. No one will notice that they are connected.

And this is not all. The modern technological elements in your apartment also include forced ventilation with recuperation, including automatic control of the time programmes, ventilation on the basis of CO2 content or in cooling mode, or prevention of freezing temperatures. 


You certainly don’t have to be a software programmer in order to use the intelligent system controls. Preparation and operation itself are simple. 

The scenario you configure will be projected into the summaries in the form of a graph and you will have everything under control. You will find out whether the temperature in your apartment really does fall after you leave it every morning to go to work, or whether the heating is put on exactly at the time just before you return home, which you originally set. Smart Living provides preparation for such intelligent controls in the apartment. Then it is up to each of us whether to use this system.


And what about functionality? People expect a smart home to be able to foresee and take care of their needs. For the time being we have to take these “forecasts” with a pinch of salt, but it is true that smart products are capable of learning according to our behaviour and subsequently optimising management of consumption or saving our time by taking automatic action.

Intelligent households also allow us to control household appliances, heating, ventilation or security systems remotely. A correctly configured system is capable of reducing monthly costs and conserving the environment. The more costs for utilities rise, the more a smart home becomes a suitable investment.


And this is not all. Modern technologies are also projected into other equipment. Lifts of a higher class of Smart Living are not only faster, but also hold more people compared to a number of others.

Modern technologies are basically here for you! And this applies twice as much in the case of Clever Living.


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