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Location of Stodůlky

About project

The goal of this project is to improve the current dismal state of part of the Šostakovič Square area. This concerns creation of public green areas and a more extensive and higher-quality range of services and apartment functions. All this is supplemented by additional parking opportunities in the location. The buildings are arranged in parallel to Hábova and Šostakovič Square streets and their mass and placement are in continuity with the neighbouring buildings. The project will ensure that the existing surrounding buildings will continue to receive sunlight. Within the meaning of spatial and functional regulation the project complies with the original proposal of the Southwest city. The proposed new development complies with the standpoint of the institute for planning and development of the capital city of Prague (IPDP).




Commercial area:

Construction :





2 650 m²

24 months

Prague 13-Stodůlky
Metro station B Stodůlky




  • Autumn 2017 (KD mlejn restaurant, Prague 13)
  • Spring 2018 (CAMP Centre for architecture and municipal planning, Prague 2)
  • Spring 2018 (Czech Photo Centre, Prague 13)

Two additional presentations of the Paprsek project took place on 26 and 29 March. The first event was held within the terms of the Prague tomorrow exhibition, following an extended period of planning, and the second was held in the Prague 13 city district. Both events had a similar programme:

The Trigema Company (investor) acquainted representatives of the public with a 3D model of the apartment building Paprsek project. This was followed by presentation of the actual plan by the investor’s representatives and architects – the presentation included conclusions from the previous public discussion (autumn 2017). Representatives of the public were acquainted with the results of a public survey, which was performed by the investor with a sociologist from IPR, in order to establish the opinions and needs of residents of the Prague 13 district – the conclusion was that citizens were asked to attend an open discussion in the form of a debate. A conceptual study for creating new parking places in the Šostakovič Square location was presented in conclusion; potential modification of the public area in front of the entrance to the metro and potential future use of the existing post office for public requirements.

Discussion with citizens particularly concerned the following topics:

  • parking options (current and future)
  • the height of some proposed buildings and the potential overshadowing of residents in the surround buildings
  • the planned increase in the number of residents
  • future use of commercial areas in the project
  • the current state of the project from the aspect of permission processes

The Trigema Company presented a transparent project to both the Prague 13 city district and its citizens and is prepared to continue answering professional queries regarding the plan

All the picture materials portrayed on this page are of an informational nature only and may be subject to changes in the future.


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