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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



How can I reserve my chosen apartment? How much does this reservation cost?

A non-binding reservation is free of charge and can be made by calling 800 340 350, or by using the contact form on the website. This is followed by a personal meeting with the sales agent at our offices and agreement on the subsequent procedure.

How and where can I arrange a meeting with the sales agent?

From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 17:00 by calling 800 340 350, or by filling in the contact form on the website, or personally by visiting our office at the address: Bucharova 2541/14, 158 00 Prague 5, ground floor of the Explora Jupiter building by Nové Butovice metro station.

What contracts will I be signing?

As soon as you decide to purchase an apartment in one of our projects you can expect to sign a Reservation Contract (RC). This is followed by signature of a Preliminary Purchase Contract (PPC), on the basis of which you can arrange a potential mortgage with one of our partner banks. And finally, the Purchase Contract (PC) is signed, which will make you the owner of the new property.



How is the reservation fee paid?

The reservation fee in the value of CZK 50,000 including VAT is paid within five days of signature of the Reservation Contract. 

Does Trigema assure financing by mortgage?

Trigema offers the opportunity to choose a product from any of our partner banking institutes. Our partners are ČSOB, ČS, UniCredit, KB and Modrá pyramida. All you need to arrange a mortgage with any of our partner banks is proof of identity and confirmation of your income. All other documents concerning the real estate being purchased will be supplied by Trigema. We will also pay for an estimate of the price of the real estate. This is conditional to arrangement of a mortgage at a specific bank branch.

Is it necessary to use the bank you recommend?

It is more than recommended. This is a summary of the key advantages of using financing from one of our partner banks: a direct link between the client and bank (there is no misrepresentation of information), previously configured rules for drawing the mortgage, reduced administration (many process actions are approved in advance thanks to the partnership), the price estimate always corresponds with the sales price, more advantageous terms for provision of a mortgage (LTV, interest rate), automatic system for drawing individual tranches, solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client with the specific bank, we handle requests from the bank directly.

And if I still decide to arrange financing from my – non-partner – bank or a third party?

If you want to use a non-partner bank, you must count on an administrative fee in the value of CZK 20,000, which will at least partially cover the costs for administration, such as negotiation with the bank providing the mortgage, examination of the loan contract, examination of the mortgage contract, examination of the proposal for registration of the lien in the Land Registry, authentication of the signatures on mortgage contracts, etc. You also need to be prepared for the potential risks and threats, which may arise during the process of purchasing the apartment: a non-partner bank will request more background materials for approval of the loan, or for drawing, which is often also labour intensive and requires additional funds. Threats to the date of drawing, conclusion of attachments and additional administration and financial burdens placed on the client are also usual, the bank’s terms are often not as advantageous as presented to the client by third parties, the client is unable to orientate himself in the flood of requests from the bank and it is therefore more difficult to arrange the correct documents in the required time. Other potential issues may include an increase in the price for the whole service or constant inspections by the bank’s appraiser when drawing the loan. This is often related to additional fees.

What are the payment calendar options? Do I have a choice?

Selection of the payment calendar is directly linked to the method of financing purchase of the real estate. If you are paying the purchase price using your own funds (cash) we offer the option of choosing between the standard and an individual payment calendar.

What does the price of the apartment include?

The basic price is determined for the apartment unit (including balcony, loggia, terrace, front garden) and cellar. The purchase price also includes the fees related to realisation of the transaction (legal documentation, fee for proceedings for registration of the purchase contract, fee for connecting the electricity meter, etc.)

Does the price of the apartment include a garage space?

The garage space is not included in the price of the apartment, unless specified otherwise.

What does the purchase price of the apartment include?

The purchase price of the apartment is the price for the apartment unit, the cellar, and also the garage space (if the client purchases one) and possibly above-standard changes and other additional services (if these are required by the client).



Where can I view the qualitative standard?

The available standard for individual projects can be found at our Sales Center. This is where clients can view the offer of fixtures and furnishings for the unit, including the range of possible colours or fixtures and furniture.

What are the options for client changes?

The concept of a well thought out layout can no longer be considered just a marketing slogan. We endeavour to design the layout with the help of experienced architects and we consult its utility value with interior designers. This is why we no longer support execution of client changes in the scope that most of the developer market is familiar with. However, we do endeavour to accommodate our clients as much as possible by offering a broader range of standard fixtures and furnishings. This means that clients can choose from multiple types of material, décor and execution. This choice applies to floors, wall and floor tiles, furnishing items, etc. This choice is free of charge.

Who builds your apartments, which construction company?

The Trigema Company group includes the Trigema Building a.s. construction company, which is the general supplier of construction work for Trigema Development s.r.o. This allows us to maintain close control over the used materials and procedures. At the same time we are capable of adhering to deadlines according to the assigned schedules and there is therefore no risk of delayed work to the client.

How long is the warranty for the new apartments?

The normal warranty period is 24 months. Trigema is convinced of the quality of its apartments, which is why it offers an above-standard 36-month warranty. The warranty on apartments commences running from the time they are handed over for use and the warranty on the common areas commences running from the day the homeowners’ association is established. The warranty period is 24 months on completed projects. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information at our Sales Center.

How are potential claims dealt with?

If the need for claims arises, Trigema deals with these without undue delay. The company arranges the procedure for removing defects with the owner of the apartment. An important factor when dealing with claims is that the new owner reports the defect immediately after it is found and also cooperates with Trigema – provides access to the apartment at the arranged times.
You can find more information in the Claims Rules.



Who manages the building?

A company with many years of experience is always entrusted to manage the building on the basis of a detailed tender, during which the individual interested parties are acquainted with the building’s condition and installed technologies. The contract subsequently emphasises the option of replacement of the manager for the succeeding homeowners’ association, which is formed by the new apartment owners.



What is the so-called “Statement by the building owner”?

By registering the “Statement by the building owner” in the Land Registry the owner determines the individual apartments and commercial units within the building in compliance with the law. These created units are subsequently transferred to the new owners.

Can real estate be acquired by a foreigner or legal person?

Yes it can. According to internationally valid conventions foreigners may acquire real estate intended for residential purposes in the Czech Republic without any restrictions. Legal persons may acquire real estate in the Czech Republic in the event that they have a registered office here.

What is lien and can I encumber the purchased real estate with it?

Lien allows co-financing of purchase of the apartment by means of a mortgage. The bank that provides funds to you for payment of the purchase price mortgages the future real estate to its benefit for cases of default on payments arising from the mortgage loan. However, we must add that banks always endeavour to come to an agreement with the client for the purpose of resolving potential problems related to default on the required payments. 

How does registration in the Land Registry take place and how long does it take?

Registration in the Land Registry takes place on the basis of submission of a proposal for registration of the Purchase Contract. The general time limits for administrative proceedings apply to the proceeding for registration in the Land Registry. In the Czech Republic proceedings are usually completed within 1 month.

When will I become the owner of the apartment?

The buyer becomes the owner of the apartment when the Purchase Contract is registered in the Land Registry, retroactively as of the date the proposal for registration of the Purchase Contract was submitted. The Purchase Contract is signed after payment of the whole purchase price.

What is the “homeowners’ association” and how and why is it established?

The homeowners’ association is a special type of legal person, which exists in cases when a building has at least five units with at least three various owners. It originates at the time the third various owner is registered in a building with at least five units.

Is membership in the HA voluntary or compulsory?

The homeowners’ association is compulsory, membership in this association originates automatically on registration of the third and all additional owners in a building with over five units, at the time of registration of their ownership in the Land Registry. The association’s key body is the Meeting of the owners of units and the statutory body (according to the association’s statute). 

Who pays Property Acquisition Tax and what is the value of this tax?

The payer of the Property Acquisition Tax is the buyer or the acquirer. However, according to valid laws the first transfer of the unit is exempt from this tax and this means that the price of the acquired real estate is not increased. However, the buyer is required to file a tax return, by the end of the third calendar month following the month in which ownership of the real estate was registered in the Land Registry, according to current legislation. 

When am I required to start paying property tax?

Property tax must be paid by each owner of real estate registered as the owner as of 1 January of the specific year, by 31 January of the specific year. This tax is paid in advance and the tax return is filed with the Tax Office, within whose jurisdiction the specific real estate is located. Real estate tax returns can be submitted personally to the relevant regional office, by mail or electronically. Owners of data boxes must submit the tax return electronically.



What is Clever living?

This concerns a package of parameters applying to a residential project, which meets the definition of smart living as a whole. As well as preparation for intelligent systems, which is the most evident benefit thanks to the name, other traits can include green living (environmentally friendly and financially efficient), consideration of security, high quality public amenities within walking distance from the project (schools, nursery schools, health clinic, authorities, entertainment, sport, etc.) and also other advantages arising from the location – the apartment building is only several steps from public transport and is also close to the metro station.

We have essentially decided to divide the Clever Living concept into five mutually interconnected segments: ecology and energy, modern technologies, health and safety, price and services within reach. All these together affect the satisfactory living of people using Clever Living.
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