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Financing of the apartment

The most common way to finance purchase of a new apartment is a mortgage. The Trigema Company has arranged advantageous mortgage terms with several banks for its clients. The reservation fee of CZK 50,000 and the deposit in the ideal value of 15% o the purchase price of the apartment (with the reservation fee deducted) including VAT (at the rate applicable as of the date of payment) is paid by the client using his own funds. The bank gradually releases further payments at so-called node points of project construction.

A deposit in the value of at least 15% of the arranged basic price, including the reservation fee, also applies to clients who do not need a mortgage. The client pays the remainder of the price after the occupancy permit for the apartment is issued.

In both cases the client’s investment is reliably protected.

You can find the details of the payment calendar and all financing options on the websites of our projects.

Trigema Smart financing


Do you have no time for arranging the complicated processes linked to financing a new apartment or do the activities related to arranging a mortgage seem too complicated? This is precisely why we have created the Trigema Smart Financing service, which will take care of all the operations needed to survive the financial jungle.


This is a service that allows arrangement of a mortgage within the scope of offers by the most powerful banks on the market in the Czech Republic. Each bank has its own offers tailored to a specific type of customer. The individual offers are perfectly configured, with many benefits, but unfortunately never enable the client to obtain multiple benefits simultaneously.

Our service allows clarification of the advantages and disadvantages applying to our partner banks, so that the client is capable of precisely selecting the mortgage product that best meets his needs. As well as providing advice, we will also mainly save you time and reduce the potential risk of future dissatisfaction if you choose an unsuitable mortgage.

We give the basic advantages of our partner banks within the terms of Trigema Smart Financing as an example:

  • Guaranteed favourable interest rate
  • Free processing of the mortgage
  • Free estimate of the property
  • Free drawing of the loan
  • Free reservation of funds for up to 24 months
  • Free administration and management of the mortgage account
  • The option of making extraordinary payments

For more information, contact your dealer, who will contact you with a representative of the bank that has Trigema's development projects in charge.


What does this mean? We can translate “pre” as meaning before and the word “scoring “ to mean allocation of points. During the prescoring process the bank or other loan institution makes a preliminary estimate of whether you are eligible for a loan or not, or possibly under what terms you are eligible, i.e. at what interest rate. There is usually no need to submit any confirmation or bank statements for prescoring. However, this does not mean that you should hide any information from the bank during this phase. It would only come to light later on.

You can use the Trigema Smart Financing service to easily make an appointment for prescoring with our partner banks. All you need to do is choose a specific bank consultant, fill in the form and the employee of the specific bank will contact you as soon as possible. You can find more information in the financing sections on the websites of our projects.

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