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How to purchasing an apartment

Selection of an apartment unit
Oral reservation
Reservation Agreement (RA)
Contract (PPC)
Financing options
Choice of standards
Acceptance of the apartment
and purchase contract (PC)
in the Land Registry
Guarantee of the apartment,
solving any
Establishment of SVJ
and building management
Costs associated
with owning an apartment


Selection of an apartment unit

You can inform us of your interest in your choice of apartment unit from our range on offer by filling in the contact form in the Contacts section, or by e-mail, telephone or by visiting the Trigema Sales Center personally.


Select an apartment
in the price list



Oral reservation

You can make an oral reservation by telephone, e-mail, or personally at our customer center. After the time limit of 3 days elapses the oral reservation of the apartment is passed to the next potential client.






If you decide to purchase the apartment within the aforementioned time limit we will conclude a Reservation Agreement with you. Otherwise the apartment will be classified as an available apartment again or offered to the next client on the waiting list. Arrange a personal meeting with the sales agent. The reservation fee is CZK 50,000 including VAT and is paid within five days of signature of the Reservation Agreement.




This contract is concluded during the reservation period and contains the compulsory prerequisites, such as: the subject of transfer, the purchase price and the payment terms, the deadlines for completion of construction work and handing over of the apartment, client changes and other issues, which are essential for concluding a Purchase Agreement. The client will usually be asked in writing to sign the PPC within 14 days from conclusion of the Reservation Agreement, this is followed by payment of 15% of the purchase price including VAT within fourteen days from signature of the PPC (this amount incudes the reservation fee).



Financing options

Our sales agents will provide you with all the information you need about financing. You can find a summary of the most important information below.

The most common way to finance purchase of a new apartment is a mortgage. The Trigema Company has arranged advantageous mortgage terms with several banks for its clients. The reservation fee of CZK 50,000 and the deposit in the ideal value of 15% o the purchase price of the apartment (with the reservation fee deducted) including VAT (at the rate applicable as of the date of payment) is paid by the client using his own funds. The bank gradually releases further payments at so-called node points of project construction.
A deposit in the value of at least 15% of the arranged basic price, including the reservation fee, also applies to clients who do not need a mortgage. The client pays the remainder of the price after the occupancy permit for the apartment is issued.
In both cases the client’s investment is reliably protected.
You can find the details of the payment calendar and all financing options on the websites of our projects.


Choice of standards

The client can choose from our range of standard wall and floor tiles, doors and sanitary fixtures.



Acceptance of the apartment and purchase contract (PC)

After the occupancy permit is issued the remainder of the purchase price is paid, the apartment unit is taken receipt of (keys are handed over) and the Purchase Contract is signed.



Registration in the Land Registry

We submit the PC to the relevant Land Registry Office. Ownership of the apartment is transferred to you on registration of the PC in the Land Registry.




When the apartment is handed over a list is made of all the potential defects that the Trigema Company is required to remove within the agreed time limit. Subsequent claims are settled by means of the claims department. A 36-month warranty is provided for the apartment.



Establishment of a homeowners’ association and building management

A homeowners association must be established by law in the apartment building. After the occupancy permit is issued the building manager will assume management of the building and also convenes the founding meeting of the homeowners association. This then elects a committee. The committee or authorised owner makes decisions regarding matters related to management of the building, unless a meeting of owners reserves the right to make decisions in such matters.



Costs associated with owning an apartment

It is a good idea to be aware that payment of the purchase price is not the apartment owner’s last expense. As well as payments for utilities, waste collection, etc. there is also a compulsory contribution to the repairs fund and the apartment owner is also liable for property tax.

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