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Trigema Development


Every developer often focuses either on just the residential or the office segment. But we do not wish to restrict ourselves to these two segments. We want to seek out new paths and new opportunities for development, even previously untried ones. Our unique Trigema system, which is linked to precise planning and interconnection of companies within the group creates excellent conditions for successful preparation and realisation of various types of project. And we intend to utilise these advantages as much as possible.

In relation to this we believe that developer projects should increase the value of their surroundings and provide all their users with maximum benefit. Each of these projects should be sustainable and should have minimum negative impact on its surroundings. And these are exactly the projects we endeavour to realise.


History and Present

Trigema was originally established as a construction company and has a strong position in the field of residential and commercial development and also in construction thanks to its broad range of activities. This also applies in the case of overall realisation of building contracts and also in relation to many separate activities, such as building renovation, insulation of apparent buildings or lagging industrial sheds..

The group may also lean against the history of a powerful project design department, which was transformed into the Black n’Arch company, a member of the Trigema Group, in 2017. This new subject is under the management of world famous artist David Černý and a completely new and brings a completely new and innovative approach to the form and function of new developer projects, which is based on a combination of the architectural and artistic experience of members of its team. All this takes place with the vision of preparing projects, which surpass the boundaries of the normal average, but are simultaneously affordable for most clients.

Trigema is capable of not only designing and realising new projects, but also operating them. The flawless operation and further development of the Science and Technological Park and the Science Park in Roztoky or even operation of a number of apartment buildings, which the company not only designed and built, is proof of this. Trigema is essentially an acknowledged authority in this sector, which is capable of delivering new apartments, commercial areas and other types of project to its customers in the highest quality and also guaranteeing uninterrupted operation in a number of cases..

Trigema has over 1,600 completed new apartments in residential buildings to its account, as well as up to 7,000 m2 of commercial areas. This includes for example completion of the central square in Roztoky u Prahy, where approx. 117 new apartment units, 2,500 m2 of areas for shops, coffee shops and restaurants and a congress centre were created. The Science and Technological Park in Roztoky, intended for research and development of combustion engines, alternative sources of energy and sustainable mobility, was completed in 2011. Its successor, the Roztoky Science Park, was completed in August 2014. Our biggest residential project is the SMART apartments Nové Butovice project, where 2,500 m2 of commercial areas were created along with 279 new apartments.

As well as residential development and a period of construction of science and technological parks, another major sector of development we engage in is construction of subjects in the tourism sector. The Trigema Company’s portfolio particularly includes the realised hotel and congress centre in Roztoky or the year-round Monínec resort. Several projects in the tourism sector are currently being constructed.


About company

The Trigema Development s.r.o. Company is a member of the Trigema Group. Trigema Development was established in 2003 and continued the developer activities carried out by its parent company since 1996. Trigema Development was originally engaged exclusively in residential projects, but from 2006 it also realises commercial projects outside residential development, such as science and technological parks or sports complexes.

It has realised 15 projects to date, 12 of these are residential projects consisting of 21 apartment buildings, 726 apartment units and 7,000 m2 of commercial areas. The most important realised projects included completion of the central square in Roztoky u Prahy, where a total of 117 new apartment units, 2,500 m2 of commercial areas and a congress centre were built as a result of investment costs of approx. CZK 0.5 billion. Two major projects of a residential and commercial nature – Barevné Letňany, a residential complex with nearly 300 apartments, and the Science and Technological Park in Rozotky, intended for research and development of combustion engines, were completed in 2011.


Trigema has offered its new housing product within the terms of construction of residential development projects under the Trigema Smart Living brand since 2015. This concerns a package of residential project parameters based on several key advantages and meeting the definition of Smart Living as a whole. As well as preparation for intelligent systems, additional properties of the aforementioned concept include green living (environmentally friendly and considerate to the financial potential of the owners), module living (taking into consideration the customers’ current needs and also responding to potential future development of their situation in life), safety, public amenities within walking distance of the project (schools, nursery schools, health clinic, authorities, entertainment, sport, etc.) and also other benefits (suitable transport connection, etc.) of the location in which the project is realised. We essentially divided the Smart Living concept into five mutually interconnected segments: ecology and energy, health and safety, modern technologies, the right price and services within reach, which jointly affect our clients’ satisfactory living.

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