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Current buildings

[design/2018/prev-arrow.png]RESIDENTIAL HOUSE V ZAHRÁDKÁCH[design/2018/next-arrow.png]


The simple but modern and attractive architecture of the apartment buildings in the V Zahrádkách Plzeň project meets all modern housing requirements. The four-storey buildings will be located near a major shopping centre in Plzeň, which contains food shops as well as a number of attractive business premises. The area surrounding the buildings has sufficient vegetation with immediate access to suburban woodland, which is the ideal choice for nature enthusiasts. There is an observation point affording a panoramic view of the entire city of Plzeń not far from the project.

Number of apartments: 108
Number of garages: 90
Completion: IIIQ 2020

[design/2018/prev-arrow.png]Residental house Nová "Nuselská"[design/2018/next-arrow.png]


CLEVER LIVING @Nusle, or also Nová “Nuselská”, is an addition to Trigema’s residential concept. By the end of 2020, a residential site will grow up on the territory of the former Nusle Dairy, comprising 146 Clever Living units. Future residents will undoubtedly appreciate that the site of around 3000 m2 will also incorporate a courtyard planted with lush greenery and equipped with benches and other furniture for relaxing. The site is located directly opposite the rising Na Jezerce street, which also provides a vista into the courtyard.

Number of apartments: 146
Number of garages: 151+
Commercial area: cca 700 m2
Completion: IVQ 2020

[design/2018/prev-arrow.png]INSULATION OF RESIDENTIAL HOUSE ROHÁČOVA[design/2018/next-arrow.png]


[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] RECONSTRUCTION OF THE MUSEUM ROZTOKY [design/2018/next-arrow.png]


[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] RECONSTRUCTION OF A HISTORICAL VILLA IN HRÁDEK NAD NISOU [design/2018/next-arrow.png]


[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] Apartment house Rokycanská [design/2018/next-arrow.png]


[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] Insulation of Hotel ILF [design/2018/next-arrow.png]


In 2018 and 2019 Trigema Building realised a contract for renovation of Hotel Ilf, which is a dominant building on Budějovice Square in Prague 4, for just under 45 million Crowns. The fact that the hotel provides accommodation for up to 320 guests is evidence of the project’s importance. The hotel also includes extensive conference areas.

[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] Reconstruction of elementary school Místecká, Prague [design/2018/next-arrow.png]


[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] Insulation of the Secondary Vocational School and Secondary Training School in Čáslav [design/2018/next-arrow.png]


[design/2018/prev-arrow.png] Completion of the Primary School in Strančice [design/2018/next-arrow.png]




Residential house Braník, Prague

Reconstruction of Klášterec nad Ohří Civic Center

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