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The first Dog in Dock brand wines saw the light of day in April 2018. These wines are currently available at the Monínec Resort, the Trifot Restaurant and the Cyberdog robotic winery. You can also taste them at various events that representatives of Dog in Dock attend with their sales stand.

As well as the wine itself we are also preparing establishment of a cultural-educational wine making complex by the dock on Baťa Canal in Veselí nad Moravou. This complex will combine educational, representative and tasting areas, as well as public amenities and leisure time use.

Tasting in the original chateau orangery | Pop-up events

Construction of new complex | Wine production

Restaurant | Accommodation




Dog in Dock wines come from two vineyards located just under 40 km to the west of Veselí nad Moravou.

Archlebov (Maliny line)

Maliny is a south-facing vineyard protected from the north by a hill, which is where Ždánice Forest, which is part of the Chřib Highlands, begins. This region has hot days and cold nights, which has a positive effect on the wine’s aroma. There is heavier marl soil on the north side, lime as one component of marl soil gives the grapes their smoothness, clay as the other component imparts fertility. There are lighter, clay-sand soils in the southern section, which are very warming. The stones in the soil heat up over the day and radiate the stored heat over the night. The vines here are 30 years old.

Žarošice (Nové Hory line)

Nové Hory is a very windy vineyard, which is exposed to the sun all day long, the grapevines grow here on clay-sand soils. The vines here are young, just four years old.


Sylvánské zelené

Vintage 2017 | Sylvánské zelené (Sylvaner) is one of the driest wines in our range, coming from four-year old vines in the Nové Hory vineyard site. A typical light varietal wine with a pleasant acidity, very suitable for serving with foods. You can distinguish the aromas of freshly cut meadow, herbs and stone fruits in the aroma. The mouth contains citrus and banana notes. The wine has been produced using a traditional method and fermented at low temperatures to preserve aroma. Sugar content at harvest 19°NM, alcohol 11.5 % vol., residual sugar 2.2 g, acids 6.9 g.

Pinot Blanc

Vintage 2017 | Dry wine from the Maliny vineyard site, a full-bodied varietal wine with a yeasty aroma and an added “crema” flavour element. The finish has notes of buttery pear. The wine has been aged sur lie (with fine sediment), producing the mentioned creaminess. This fine lees gives the wine a different character. Another advantage of this method is the creation of a reductive environment, which means the wine needs almost no sulphur since it is not subject to oxidation, and so it contains a minimum of sulphur. Sugar content at harvest 21.4°NM, alcohol 12.5% vol., residual sugar 6.1 g, acids 5.5 g.

Ryzlink Rýnský

Vintage 2016 | This Ryzlink (Riesling) comes from the Maliny vineyard site. Its nose contains notes of green apple, apricot, peach, light citrus and lime blossom. Notes of honey are also expressed, which will intensify with ageing. This Ryzlink rýnský is also a dry wine. The wine’s mouth is balanced and spicy with a mineral finish.


Vintage 2016 | This Chardonnay comes from the Nové Hory vineyard site. This fruity wine has a nose of pear, apple, lemon and grapefruit. It has a full-bodied, balanced and lasting mouth. This wine has been produced using a traditional method and a balanced level of sugars and acids. Sugar content at harvest 22°NM, alcohol 12% vol., residual sugar 6 g, acids 6.5 g.

Pinot Gris

Vintage 2016 | This Pinot Gris is a semi-dry wine from the Maliny vineyard site and it has relatively one of the highest residual sugar levels in our range. Like our Pinot Blanc, it is produced using the sur lie method, with half aged in barrels and the other half in stainless steel tanks, with coupage taking place prior to bottling, i.e. the mixing of both components in order to produce a top-quality product from multiple base components. Sugar content at harvest 22.4°NM, alcohol 12.5 % vol., residual sugar 14,5 g, acids 6,1 g.

Zweigeltrebe Rose

Vintage 2018 | This wine comes from the Maliny vineyard site in Archlebov and the must is macerated for 9 hours. A peony pink to raspberry colour. Its nose incorporates forest fruit with creamy notes. The mouth contains typical forest fruit flavours with a pleasant acidity and medium length. The ideal refreshing summer drink. Sugar content at harvest 22°NM, alcohol 12.5% vol., residual sugar 6.7g, acids 6.1g.


Vintage 2017 | This Frankovka (Lemberger) comes from the Maliny vineyard site in Archlebov. Frankovka is left sur lie for a whole year in French oak barrels to mature. In its nose we find blackberries with a subtle touch of vanilla, while blackberry dominates its mouth. With its tannins, this wine has a great potential for ageing. Thanks to the sur lie production method, the wine is bottled with the absolute minimum of sulphur. Sugar content at harvest 22°NM, alcohol 12.5 % vol., residual sugar 0.2 g, acids 5 g.

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