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Start Up

We are an investment company and letting agent in business incubators. For both these cases, we particularly focus on emerging projects or small or medium-sized innovators in their growth phase who are able to take advantage of the technical or service potential of incubators or experience within the Trigema a.s. concern.

We mainly focus on start-up ‘angel’ investments for emerging innovative companies; we are particularly interested in projects linked with construction, real estate and development. We are not averse to ideas in other fields either, however.

We are letting agents for business incubators in Roztoky Science and Technology Park and Roztoky Science Park. These form a centre of innovation, which offers spaces within these incubators which are designated for emerging innovative companies or small or medium-sized innovative companies in their growth phase, who can take advantage of the technical or service potential of both parks.

See more at www.trigema-startup.cz.