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Over more than 26 years of evolution, Trigema has transformed itself from a small local company to a respected player in Prague’s development market.

It all began in 1994. Chance brought Marcel Soural, Jaroslav Zeman and another friend together and they decided together to found a construction company. The founding of the company was timed because of their first job they wanted – the construction of a supermarket in Liberec. Everything was arranged: caravans, machines, workers…

Two days before the planned beginning and contract signing, however, ideas of a rapid start in business were turned on their head. Another company got the desired job. And so the new company founders delivered leaflets around Břevnov offering fence repairs for a few thousand crowns. In 1994 they undertook about three, but they didn’t give up there.

From construction of its first fence, Trigema moved to smart apartment projects, science and technology parks and sports centres. It became a developer with an overlap into other activities. Today it remains a construction company, but is also involved in building management and facility management. We operate science and technology parks, sports centres and have experience of congress centres too.


Trigema’s founding philosophy is to offer projects to the same high quality we would expect, which we can truly swear by. The price of implementation is not the key parameter for us, and we don’t want to carry on a price war with our competitors. Our motto is to do things better. As such, we always bring added value to our customers with every project.

Trigema is already responsible for more than 1 600 apartments sold (and 1 600 new households who can live in the high quality home they deserve), The Science and Technology Park in Roztoky, which has brought new discoveries to the world in the field of combustion engines and alternative fuels, Roztoky Science Park, and the year-round sports centre Monínec, which has brought joy to all lovers of nature, adrenalin, summer and winter sports, as well as luxury and high quality food. And currently almost a dozen upcoming projects of residential and tourist character.

Despite the amount of activities and growth in employee numbers, however, Trigema remains what it has always been from the beginning. A community of people who understand their field, strive to do the best work they can and further develop. Our mission is to bring you products and services which help you and bring you benefits.

The Trigema Group currently consists of nearly fifty companies arranged into a group structure with an equity of approx. CZK 1.0 billion. The Trigema system is based on mutual collaboration between the companies and centralisation of individual activities, which enables effective work by individual companies, which are able to focus on a specific product or service. Individual companies specialise in development, construction, facility management, tourism, on science and research and other areas.


Thanks to our effort to provide long-term value to the people around us, we realise that we are responsible not only to them during our activities, but to all of society. This is why we also endeavour to promote activities that do not primarily focus on generating a profit. Charitable associations such as Centrum Paraple or Czech Photo have been able to count on our help for many years.

We have provided long-term support to Centrum Paraple, the Czech Photo association and many cultural, sports, social and other useful organisations and projects.


Trigema has been based on its people since it was established. We place a lot of emphasis on selection of colleagues. We are aware that only employees who are aware of their competence have enough opportunity to make their own decisions and are able to contribute to the company’s development. This is why the personality and professional traits of each member of the Trigema team are so important to us.

Corporate life at Trigema is based on the following key assumptions: We assure development of people in compliance with the company’s goals, we seek opportunities for talented employees, we clearly determine competence and thereby create sufficient opportunity for people to make their own decisions, we support open communication and team thinking, we reward employees fairly depending on their performance.

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