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Certificates and membership

Integrated management system

The Trigema Company (or its subsidiary company) meets the prescribed standards and has implemented an integrated management system (IMS):

  • a quality management system according to ISO 9001 (QMS)
  • an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 (EMS)
  • an OHS management system according to OHSAS 18001 (HSMS)
  • an information security management system according to ISO 27001 (ISMS)

he integrated management system is fully documented, with built-in inspection tools and feedback, including tools for further improvement.

As well as assuring the maximum quality of the work being carried out and satisfaction of customer requirements, this integrated management system also allows adherence to all OHS and fire prevention rules and minimisation of environmental impact when carrying out all the processes defined above within the company. The integrated management system is regularly inspected by an independent third party (accredited certification bodies).


Trigema a.s., as a legal person, or one of the members of its top management is a member of the professional associations given below:

ARTN (Association for Development of the Real Estate Market): a non-profit civic association, which originated as a legal subject after approximately 12 months of informal preliminary activities on 12 September 2001. Members of this association are leading representatives of developer and investment companies, real estate, legal and consultancy offices, banks and other organisations active on the market, and also leading representatives and members of the higher management of the public administration, and the intention is also to associate pedagogues and students of universities with interest in this field.


ABE (Association of Building Entrepreneurs): The Association of Building Entrepreneurs is the supreme representative of the Czech construction sector, which guarantees representation of this sector at the highest level. It helps stabilise the market by negotiating creation of sources of funds from the state budget and from European funds, which are intended for public investment, with the government. It is the co-author of comments concerning crucial documents regarding housing policy and transport infrastructure, in order to ensure a concept and strategy for future development and stabilise its financial assurance.  


ČKAIT (Czech Chamber of Authorised Engineers and Technicians in Construction): is a public professional organisation, which was established in 1992 on the basis of Act No. 360/92 Sb., (Czech National Council Act on execution of the vocation of authorised architect and execution of the vocation of authorised engineer and technician in construction). As indicated by the Building Act, authorisation is a necessary condition for performance of selected activities, the results of which affect the protection of public interests in the field of construction. An authorised person (AP) is required to carry out the activities for which it was granted authorisation in compliance with the generally binding legal regulations and in compliance with the Professional and Ethical Code of the ČKAIT. Such persons are also required to undergo professional training and monitor information essential for correct execution of their activities.


CZGBC (Czech Green Building Council): integrates companies and organisations from various sectors of the economy so that buildings and urban wholes are designed, built, renovated and operated in compliance with a healthy, prosperous and environmentally and socially considerate environment. As a result, green buildings should become the standard in the Czech Republic, which allows for increased work productivity, creates a healthy and comfortable environment and the building simultaneously does not consume more energy than it uses.


UCEEB (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings): This organisation is engaged in complex testing and monitoring of sustainable buildings throughout their entire life cycle. It helps create buildings that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and provide their inhabitants with the requisite comfort. It boasts the best experts from four faculties of the Czech Technical University in Prague – civil engineering, machine engineering, electrical-technical and bio-medicine engineering, so that we are complexly engaged in the issue of energy efficiency. We seek out talented students, we are an inspirational environment for experienced scientists with international reputations and are an acknowledged partner to commercial companies. We desire to be the most progressive subject of its type in the Czech Republic: we have a team of people who are enthusiastic about the issue, international contacts, first-class technology and the respect of commercial partners.


Science Council of the Civil Engineering Faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague: Chairman of the Board of Directors Marcel Soural is an independent member of the council.

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