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Rezidence 3D is a cozy housing project that includes only 29 apartments, divided into three villas. The houses are located at Dolnocholupická Street on the slopes of the Vltava Valley. Below them is an older development of family houses.

The above-ground part of the building is designed in the character of three low-floor villas with gradual gradation, with a common interconnected basement where garage spaces are located. The longitudinal axis of the building is oriented in the SE - NW direction. Large 4+kk apartments with an area of ​​around 100 m2 predominate in the project. In addition, up to two underground garages are assigned to each apartment, ground-floor apartments have front gardens, and apartments on higher floors have terraces. All three houses are equipped with an elevator.

Type Flats
Living area 30 – 110 m²
Disposition 1+kk – 4+kk
Location Prague 12-Modřany
State Sold out
Web www.rezidence3d.cz

3 residential houses - XYZ

House X is located on the lower (north-west) edge of the entire residential complex and is the lowest of the three houses – it has only three floors above ground. It also has the fewest apartments – seven. It is surrounded by greenery on two sides. It is therefore suitable for those interested who want as much peace and privacy as possible. The apartments on the ground floor have large gardens, all apartments on the first and second floors have a terrace with a view of the Vltava valley.

The middle house Y is the tallest of the whole set – it has five floors above ground. All apartments in it have spacious terraces, ground floor apartments even have unique terraces and gardens in front and behind the house, so they really give the living space a new dimension. Apartments on higher floors have terraces designed to offer the most breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

House Z is located on the upper (southeastern) edge of the project and is surrounded by greenery on two sides - it is directly adjacent to the Modřanská třešňovka. It contains only eight apartments, so it represents truly intimate living. The apartments on the ground floor have unusually large gardens, which allow for many recreational activities. The apartments on the higher floors have spacious terraces that offer a pleasant view of the surroundings.


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