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ESG strategy

We are committed to designing and building sustainable buildings, promoting an environmentally friendly way of life for employees and customers. We will continue to reduce potable water consumption, reduce our carbon footprint, manage materials according to the waste hierarchy and promote biodiversity.


The following areas were mapped: climate policy, energy, water, circular economy, transport, biodiversity, customer wellbeing and community support.


The following areas were mapped: employees, diversity, equality, suppliers, communities (internal and external CSR), customers, stakeholders.


The following areas were mapped: certification, risk analysis, internal audit, anti-corruption measures, ESG policies, GDPR, supplier requirements, ESG disclosure and ESG governance.

The objectives of our ESG strategy are aligned with our values.

Our strength, which we want to develop further, is the development of technologies and innovations that will help reduce the amount of resources and energy consumed in construction and operation. In the social area, we will consistently support our employees in expert development and continue to support our fundraising projects. We will work with partners across our value chain, deepening partnerships and collaboration at national and multinational levels. We have the courage and commitment to pursue these goals.

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