new life into an industrial neighbourhood.


new life into an industrial neighbourhood.

LIHOVAR: a place that opens the door to stories

Unusual and independent housing, which is an everyday experience. Life is fascinating. Just like Lihovar. Our new residential housing project has a young and independent soul, and with respect for the past and courage for the future, it will breathe new life into the most charismatic neighbourhood in Prague. Lihovar isn’t just a mere “residential space“, but an ambitious project that changes the status quo. Life in Lihovar offers an unusual concept, where living is an everyday social and cultural experience.

Type Apartments and retail spaces
Number of apartments 535
Retail area 7 400 m2
Location Prague 5, Smíchov
Construction 3 stages: 2021 - 2025
Historie lihovaru more info

The unique residential complex, which will be built on the site of one of the largest original Prague distilleries, Fischl a synové [Fischl and sons], will offer 535 apartments, with layouts from small 1 bedroom + kitchen corner to luxury, generous 5 bedroom + kitchen corner with a roof terrace and a jacuzzi.

The project, which is within sight of beautiful nature in Děvín, Prague, goes far beyond the area of “mere housing“; we conceived the entire complex as a place that you want to experience. In addition to the housing itself, the complex, enclosed by Nádražní and Strakonická streets, will become an autonomous gastronomic centre with an authentic and comfortable southern atmosphere, where one of Prague’s largest food markets will be established. Culture and the art scene will also find a home in Lihovar. The five-storey gallery in the original historical Varna [Brewhouse] building will open its doors to contemporary art. On 7,400 square meters, the new complex will also offer space for a supermarket, and local boutiques and cafés; it will also include 527 parking spaces in underground garages.

Current status of the project: Ist stage


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Lihovar, that’s fascinating living in a social and cultural spirit. What will interest you about Lihovar?

An exceptional living concept

Lihovar offers more than just a mere “residential space“. Against the background of the industrial Lihovar, whose unusual atmosphere we’re preserving, there’s also space for meetings, art and culture, as well as an authentic food market. Living there thus becomes an everyday social and cultural experience.

A mood of art and culture

In addition to the housing itself, the Lihovar complex will also offer space for art and culture. In the historical, listed Varna building will house the David Černý Gallery, which will open its doors to modern art, and the complex will also include a year-round multifunctional space for organising cultural events. On 7,400 square meters, the new complex will also offer space for a supermarket, local boutiques and cafés.

Beautiful nature in the city centre

Lihovar is almost in the city centre, yet it‘s born for relaxation in nature. In its environs, you’ll find the comfortable, sunny atmosphere of the Vltava river and Císařská louka [Emperor’s Meadow], as well as the beautiful wild slopes of Děvín a Dívčí hrady [Girl’s Castles], where a walk will definitely help you forget everyday worries. What’s more, in just a few years, Smíchov as a whole awaits the ultimate transformation into one of the most modern and beautiful parts of Prague.

A thousand aromas, a thousand flavours

Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking. We feel like just walking around, letting ourselves be carried away by a thousand aromas and flavours, and choosing from original, tempting and authentic foods and beverages from all corners of the world. We know the feeling. That’s why Lihovar also boasts one of the largest food markets in Prague, with an authentic and comfortable southern atmosphere and a wealth of traditional (and not so traditional) delicacies.

Exceptional architecture

Lihovar is a place with the strong and independent spirit of a former industrial district. We build on it, and allow it to stand out in the form of exceptional architecture. The Lihovar complex consists of a set of buildings with brick facades. In additional to the complex’s individual dominant features, such as the Flaška [Bottle] building, a chimney with a viewing capsule and the historical Varna building, residents and visitors can also enjoy a green inner courtyard, which will provide a respite from the busy Smíchov streets, thus becoming a natural oasis against an industrial urban background.

Smart household

Lihovar is also an uncompromising project in terms of care for the environment and high living standards. We count on the use of sustainable materials, and elimination of emissions. Its operation will involve efficient energy and water management. For the residents, the use of the highest-quality materials and equipment in the spirit of our Clever Living concept will be the absolute norm.


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