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We’re builders. We build homes
and a city for society

In 1994, we decided that we would build people homes. From the construction of the first apartment building, we worked our way up to becoming one of the leading companies in the Czech construction market. For many years, our focus has gone far beyond “mere“ residential construction; we’re also oriented on the construction of administrative and industrial buildings, building insulation and panelling, and reconstruction of projects that require our intervention. We build with humility for the location, and in places where we see meaning not only for us, but also for society as a whole.

Reconstruction of the DOX Center for Contemporary Art

Insulation of an apartment building
Prague 13

Reconstruction of the building
Korona Lochovice

Reconstruction of the building Komerční Banka, Plzeň

Reconstruction of the facade of the Goethe Institute

Reconstruction of the building of Komerční Banka České Budějovice

Reconstruction of Hotel Monínec

New building, SMART apartments Nové Butovice

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Inspirujeme budoucí generace

We’ve been building almost 30 years, and we can proudly say that we belong among the best. We construct iconic buildings, intimate designs, and monumental projects involving hundreds of new apartments. However, we’ll also gladly undertake projects in which we see a meaning that exceeds “mere“ functionality. Our buildings are distinctive, daring and original, and our work also inspires future generations. Our mission is to build a city for society.

Economic indicators


(in thousands of CZK)

(in thousands of CZK)

Number of

2022 1 374 058 81 202 86
2021 1 489 686 114 329 73
2020 1 061 202 41 118 67
2019 551 570 45 070 53
2018 553 547 41 756 56
2017 626 290 41 425 57
2016 488 023 43 197 51
2015 573 850 42 452 50
2014 684 127 58 831 50
2013 511 845 51 970 58
2012 588 44 54 140 56
2011 735 755 69 276 58

Integrated Management System

Trigema Building is established and applied in the Trigema holding, complies with the prescribed norms, and has an implemented Integrated Management System (IMS):

  • Quality Management System as per ISO 9001 (QMS)
  • Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001 (EMS)
  • OSH Management System as per ISO 45001 (HSMS)
  • Information Security Management System as per ISO 27001 (ISMS)

The Integrated Management System is fully documented, with built-in control instruments and feedback, including tools for its further improvement.

In addition to ensuring the maximum quality of the performed works and satisfying the customer’s requirements, this Integrated Management System also enables compliance with all OSH and fire protection rules, and minimises the impact on the environment during the performance of all the defined processes in the company. The Integrated Management System is regularly verified by an independent third party (accredited certification bodies).

Radim Šponar
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director

Josef Moravec
Member of the Board of Directors and Construction Preparation Director

Luděk Kadlíček
production director

We give exceptional people space for collaboration.

We‘re Trigema Building, a purely Czech company. We’re a team of more than 70 colleagues, united by the meaningfulness of what we do, and faith in our own independence and the common values we respect. We’re united by the courage to do big things, and fulfilment from well-performed work. In our work, we‘re able make the most of our togetherness and mutual respect. We’re constantly growing, and we also like to help others grow.

We support research

With enthusiasm and our own erudition, we’re involved in many research activities that move the field of construction forward. A list of current projects and programmes follows.

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