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Every building, no matter how good it is, will grow old over time. Sometimes it ceases to be adequate for the demands of modern times, other times it can no longer fulfil its original function. We’re aware of this, and we know that reconstruction is often the only solution that can save a building from falling into disrepair, give it a new function or adapt it to its original one.

Architectural studio offices
Black n' Arch

Terraces Monínec

Reconstruction of the DOX Center for Contemporary Art

Reconstruction of a historic villa
Hrádek nad Nisou

By reconstruction, we mean both structural modifications that do not involve a change in the building’s ground plan or height, and large, extensive interventions that significantly change the entire building’s character.

In both cases, however, we approach the work with the maximum possible sensitivity, and we respect the nature of the building, as well as the function that the reconstructed building is to fulfil.

We’ve been dealing with reconstructions of buildings since 1994. We’ve reconstructed hundreds of buildings, from the smallest to the largest, valued at hundreds of millions of crowns. We’re happy to take on reconstructions of all types of buildings, such as historical and administrative buildings, apartment complexes, interiors, commercial and sales premises, and industrial structures.

Our team is composed of professionals and experts from many fields of the construction industry, and we use the latest processes, technology and materials when reconstructing buildings. This is one of the reasons why we can accommodate your most specific wishes and requirements.

Our strength is not only the construction itself, but also the design activity, thanks to which the reconstruction will fulfil all demands for a high-quality, comprehensive work.

We fulfil your wishes and requirements with sensitivity, and absolute respect for the specific assignment. In addition to your satisfaction and excellently performed work, our priority is also speed and accuracy.

Administrative, residential and other buildings

Administrative, residential and other buildings belong among the most common types of the construction works that we deal with every day.

. We reconstruct offices, schools, kindergartens and hospitals, as well as accommodation complexes and cultural centres. We’re used to working during normal operation, and we have no problem managing the great demands this places on such work.

The results of our work, in the form of dozens of reconstructed buildings and complexes, are what fulfils us and leads us forward.

Reconstruction of a historic building
Janáčkovo nábřeží

Villas and historical buildings

We like historical buildings and villas. It’s delicate work, which must be approached with great sensitivity, so that the transformation of the building is in accordance with the generally binding procedure for such types of construction activity. This is a challenge, particularly in the case of listed buildings.

A neglected condition requires our thorough preparation, among others so that the basic layout of the property does not change, and its overall unique character remains preserved.

There is no uniform, binding procedure that governs such a complex reconstruction, so the main role in our excellently performed work is played by our extensive experience, as well as a detailed knowledge of the historical development of architecture and construction.

Production and industrial buildings

The reconstruction of production and industrial buildings is simply a specific area. The primary mission of such reconstruction is the purposefulness of the building itself. That’s why we use the latest systems, technology and work processes.

Our result, which we’re proud of, is a facility that helps manufacturing and industrial companies succeed in the competitive domestic and international environments.

To us, the facility we’re referring to isn’t just the reconstructed building itself; we‘ll also take care of the entire production complex, i.e. many external areas, including transport and other routes.

Branch reconstruction Komerční banky

Interiors, and commercial and retail space

Another specific type of work that has a fixed place in our portfolio is the reconstruction and remodelling of commercial and retail premises.

Because we’re well aware that the demands for such reconstructions are often higher than for other types of buildings, we approach every such space thoughtfully, individually and with respect for the applicable norms, regulations and the Building Act.

In addition to a personal approach to every building, we also have extensive experience that enables us to choose the best possible procedure. We respect deadlines, we’re willing to work evenings and nights, and our life motto is quality.

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For us, our work means more than just numbers in statistics. We are happy to return the buildings to their original function with a sensitively and top-notch reconstruction, giving them a new meaning or a second chance. Come with us to see the gallery of our reconstructions.

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