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Dataligence is the largest real estate data platform in the Czech Republic. Using millions of data and artificial intelligence, we can calculate the true value of real estate without the help of an appraiser. Dataligence helps drive down costs, simplifies complex decisions, streamlines communication and helps develop innovative online products.


The Dataligence database contains hundreds of thousands of transaction and offer prices from across the country and other key information on apartments, single-family homes and commercial buildings. Our mission is to provide standardized and as accurate as possible data on the domestic real estate market, making it easier for our clients to communicate and process. At the same time, we are working on creating a tool to track property price trends for mortgage holders and strengthening the position of online valuations for banks.


The Dataligence application can calculate the real price of all properties in the whole Czech Republic. It can be used by anyone who needs to quickly find out the prices of real estate, for example for investment, sale, purchase, etc. The application has data from the Land Registry on 3.2 million properties and 265,000 transactions. Thus, we track actual sale prices from the land registry and offer prices for new development projects and can determine the price of all properties without the services of an appraiser.

Data laboratory

We have unique information not only about real estate prices in the Czech Republic, behind which are thousands of hours of human and machine work. We are able to supply our partners with both one-off analyses focused on their needs and long-term projects. We standardize, process, sort and interpret data according to precise rules.

Big data

We provide tailored services to banks, developers, insurance companies and other institutions through our own tools, CenováMapa.org and Vluátor PRO. Our data base is unparalleled in scope and quality. Together with our partners, we are figuring out how to use data in digitalization to save resources, improve communication efficiency and create a great customer experience. Using modern REST APIs, we are able to bring the data you are interested in directly into your system. What service you build on top of it is up to you.


API, integration, custom tools. Our data base is unparalleled in size and quality. Together with our partners, we're figuring out how to use data in digitalization to save resources and create a great customer experience.

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