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2021 was a turbulent year. Its beginning was strongly marked by the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and its end was marked by record sales, a sold-out market and an all-time low supply. In 2021, we underwent a complete rebranding and acquired a new visual identity.

We started the construction and sale of a residential complex in Skvrňany in Pilsen, our project Nová "Nuselská" won first place in the main category of the prestigious Best of Realty competition and last but not least we started preparing one of our iconic projects and dreams come true - LIHOVAR.


We‘ve proven that our team is composed of responsible professionals, thanks to whom individual projects run according to plan, and are profitable, even under difficult conditions. One confirmation of this fact was an announcement by the Top Employer of the Year study, which showed that we are among the three most popular companies in the area of Reality & Development among university students.

At the start of 2019, few predicted what its development would be. The coronavirus pandemic affected not only our private but also our working lives. Of course, it also affected Trigema. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the company’s entire history, it definitely ranks among those that were the most economically successful.


2019 was marked by the start of the construction of several important projects which will only be completed during 2020. And we didn’t compromise our vision one bit – to construct nice buildings, and attractive and at the same time useful architecture, which will at first glance differ from most of the houses built today.

After the Cyberdog project in 2018, which saw success in the media, Trigema once again came to the attention of domestic and foreign media, as well as the professional community, with the preparation of the construction of the tallest building in the Czech Republic, called TOP TOWER, which one again emerged from the workshop of our Black n' Arch architectural studio with David Černý. Also worthy of mention is recognition by the professional community in the form of awards for our work in the Best of Realty and Meeting Room of the Year competitions.

We also celebrated 25 years!


For us, 2018 was primarily a period when we successfully completed several of our residential projects – apartment buildings on Jeremiášova Street in Lužiny, Bolevecká Street in Horní Měcholupy, Čistovická Street in Řepy and Kollárova Street in Plzeň, as well as the first result of our collaboration with David Černý and his team, which was the opening of the Cyberdog robotic information centre/wine bar.

Thanks to Cyberdog, Trigema also came to the attention of not only domestic but also foreign media, which among others meant that we appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald and the German Die Welt.


In 2017, Trigema focused on its further development, perhaps the most in its history, in the areas of development, construction production, tourism and our other activities. At the same time, we increased our business efforts in the area of startups, which resulted in the first real project. Development remains a key area for Trigema. The development work has resulted in the Smart Housing apartment buildings, which are currently on offer in three qualitative levels. Both in Prague and in Plzeň.

We’re also preparing several other projects in the capital and in other larger cities in the Czech Republic. Given the size and thereby also the financial demands of the individual projects, a plan to establish the first corporate bond programme in history was announced by Trigema in 2017. Thanks to this, during the first wave of the issue, investors subscribed for bonds worth almost 450 million crowns. The original expectation was that investors‘ interest would be much lower, and would only be around 300 million crowns.

2016 - 1994

2016 Completion of the construction of the 2nd phase of the SMART Apartments Nové Butovice project, commencement of the construction of BLV@Horní Měcholupy and CSV@Řepy, thermal insulation of the largest apartment building in history (investor: BD Zelenohorská)
Annual Report 2016

2015 2015 Completion of the construction of the 1st phase of the SMART Apartments Nové Butovice project, commencement of the construction of CLB@Letňany.
Annual Report 2015

2014 2014 Completion of the 2nd and 3rd phase of the 2Barevné [two-coloured] Letňany apartment buildings, completion of the science and technology park called Science Park Roztoky, and commencement of the construction of the SMART Apartments project
Annual Report 2014

2013 2013 Completion of the 1st phase of 2Barevné Letňany, the Chudenická apartment building, commencement of the construction of the 2nd and 3rd phase of 2Barevné Letňany, Science Park Roztoky
Annual Report 2013

2012 2012 Completion of Rezidence 3D, commencement of the construction of 2Barevné Letňany, commencement of the construction of the Chudenická apartment building for SBD Pokrok, reconstruction of Hotel Monínec
Annual Report 2012

2011 Completion of Science and Technology Park Roztoky and the 3rd phase of the Letňany apartment building, commencement of Rezidence 3D, commencement of the construction of the Písková apartment building for SBD Pokrok
Annual Report 2011

2010 2010 Completion of the 2nd phase of the Letňany apartment building and commencement of the 3rd phase – Blue House, commencement of the construction of Science and Technology Park Roztoky, reconstruction and completion of International School of Prague Nebušice
Annual Report 2010

2009 2009 Construction of the 2nd phase of Barevné [Colourful] Letňany – Yellow House, preparation of the Science and Technology Park Roztoky project, opening of a complex in Monínec
Annual Report 2009

2008 2008 Consolidated turnover reached almost 0.8 billion CZK, construction of the Barevné Letňany residential project and an apartment in Monínec, construction of the Sportrelax Centrum Monínec ski complex
Annual Report 2008

2007 Completion of the company’s holding structure, establishment of Trigema Building a.s., completion of the 2nd phase of the Stodůlky apartment building, acquisition by the design company BD Letňany
Annual Report 2007

2006 Completion of polyfunctional houses in Roztoky and the Academic Hotel & Congress Centre, acquisition by Monínec s.r.o.
Annual Report 2006

2005 Commencement of the construction of a congress centre in Roztoky, completion of four apartment buildings in Stodůlky
Annual Report 2005

2004 Commencement of the construction of the Stodůlky apartment building and the 2nd phase of the development of Roztoky Square, Roztoky apartment building B2+B3
Annual Report 2004

2003 Construction of the Jinonice apartment building, preparation of the Stodůlky apartment building, establishment of Trigema Development s.r.o.

2002 Final approval of A1 and A2 apartment buildings in Roztoky and construction of the Jinonice apartment building, contract for land in Stodůlky

2001 Commencement of partnership with Centrum Paraple [Umbrella Centre]

2000 Winner of tender procedure for coordinator of the development of the central square in Roztoky

1999 Completion of Centrum Paraple, completion of the construction of the Nýřanská apartment building

1998 Completion of the first development project in Radotín, an apartment building project on Nýřanská Street, establishment of Trigema Real s.r.o., 1st thermal insulation of family houses

1997 Construction of apartment building in Radotín

1996 1st panelling of a hall in Čakovice and 1st apartment building project in Radotín

1995 1st contracts – reconstruction of a truss in the U Marčanů restaurant in Veleslavín, and rough construction of a family house in Dobřichovice

1994 27th of May – Trigema s.r.o. established

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