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We create a better living space.

In every sector, we strive for a high-quality and timeless product with a clear concept, which reflects our values and builds on our many years of experience.

We came from independence. We remain independent.

Trigema is a purely Czech company, which by its nature is independent. We’re a company that makes autonomous decisions, based on our own visions and our team’s motivation..

We’re able to make the most of our independence. Not only as individuals, but also as a team. We all perceive independence in our own way, but when unique people come together, they can create unprecedented things.

Our DNA embodies the core principle of independence, and our basic values that we abide by every day. Independence is an overarching principle on which the Trigema brand’s values are based. Independence defines all our principles.

We personally care about everything we do. To achieve common goals, we each give our best. Our independence enables us to put effort into activities and projects that mean more to us than just numbers in a balance sheet.

Independence assumes that we follow our own creative vision.

Our priority is professionalism in all aspects of our activity. From the approach to work, to the product we create. Enthusiasm drives us forward, and gives our hard work meaning. We’re independent, but that requires the courage to assume responsibility for our actions and decisions. Trigema is a group of independent and like-minded personalities. It’s built on people and a sense of belonging. It’s determined to have a positive effect on the community that its activity affects.

Our fulfilment is that we achieved something exceptional
in accordance with our values.


We are highly professional, with experience based on our long-term practice.


Enthusiasm drives us forward, and gives our hard work meaning.
Whatever it takes.


Independence requires the courage to assume responsibility for one’s own actions
and decisions.


We’re a group of independent
and like-minded personalities.
Trigema is built on people.

We focus on what’s truly important.

We’re constantly discovering new areas of activity, building new business opportunities and supporting innovative projects, thus broadening our company’s profile and continuing in our success. We’re expanding our focus beyond the boundaries of Development and Construction, and into other areas: Real Estate Fund, Venture Capital and Leisure Time.

Developing independence

Our brand’s strategy and DNA are concentrated in a simple yet powerful promise. It brings added value to our clients‘ lives, and it’s the reason why you should choose us and our brand.

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