Samoty ski resort
Železná Ruda

Samoty, a tribute to the beauty of Šumava

The Samoty complex is located in the middle of the beautiful Šumava nature, south-east of the small town of Železná Ruda. Today, you‘ll only find a small complex in Samoty, with a 780 metre ski lift, a shorter children’s lift with handles and a magic carpet. However, it will soon undergo the ultimate transformation, its ambition being to become a sought-after, year-round family complex, where in the middle of the calming Šumava nature you’ll find space for rest and relaxation from the urban hustle and bustle, hiking, cycling, and the joy of engaging in countless sports activities.

Development Project

Extension of ski areas
Construction of detachable 6-seater cable cars and lifts
Construction and reconstruction of existing buildings in the area
Ensuring the operational and technical background of the area

Concept of complex

Snowpark at the bottom
part of the right slope


Ski school

New access road
to the complex


The magic of the Samoty complex

Samoty will be a place where the beautiful Šumava nature meets the modern and aesthetically interesting architecture of buildings that take into consideration requirements for construction in protected landscape areas and the Šumava National Park. The buildings will pay tribute to the Šumava nature, and will be built from local natural construction materials combined with white plaster, dark brown roofs and glassed openings.

The complex’s main building will become its heart, with all the ski lifts meeting there. This multi-storey building will include a self-service restaurant with a terrace, while on the underground floor, which will have barrier-free access directly from the car park, visitors will find operational and commercial premises, as well as sanitary facilities. In the Samoty project, we’ll also plant sturdy trees that will protect skiers on the pistes from wind, thereby improving the surrounding environment and the skiing experience.

Gallery and location

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