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2Barevné Letňany
Sold out

2Barevné Letňany is, as its name suggests, a free continuation of the highly successful housing project Barevný Letňany, within the framework of which three apartment buildings were gradually built between 2008 and 2011, named according to the colors of their facades, Red, Yellow and Blue House.

Type Byty
Living area 30 – 110 m²
Disposition 1+kk – 4+kk
Location Prague 13-Lužiny
State Sold out
Web www.2barevneletnany.cz

The 2Barevné Letňany have woven the color green into their coat of arms and thus meet the demand for ecological living. The new buildings that are currently being built in Letňany will satisfy everyone who likes quality and comfortable living, while at the same time thinking about the future and the environment in which we live.

During the construction of the housing project in Letňany, we focused on modern technologies and trends in housing. In addition to high-quality brick cladding, which is typical for all our buildings, we use high-quality triple-glazed plastic windows during construction, which significantly reduce heat loss and thus save energy for heating apartments.


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A basic element of ecological and at the same time high-quality living is a built-in air-conditioning system with powerful recuperation units. Thanks to it, uniform ventilation of all apartments is ensured and thus higher air quality as well as uniform heating of the entire living space. Thanks to recuperation, you use the heat from the discharged "waste" air to heat the fresh air from the exterior, which represents a significant heat saving.