2018 | Cyberdog

The concept of the Cyberdog information centre is based on progress made in the 21st century. The project took more than a year from execution of the vision to actual realisation. This is not a classic information centre that people usually encounter, because it includes a robotically served winery!
The building consists of two floors. The shape should remind people of the head and body of a dog, made from the material of a futuristic spaceship. Cyberdog is a space divided into a robotic workplace, a cart track installed under the seats for guests and a space for projection, where demonstrations from the world of technology are screened. Thanks to special modification of the glass using a plastic sheet intended for projection, passers-by also have the opportunity to view the projection from the pedestrian zone in front of the building.

Total costs for realisation of the building exceeded CZK 20 million. These costs are so high due to development of a new concept and the used technologies and materials. Concept Author: David Černý, Ing.arch Tomáš Císař Inspiration: a robot preparing cocktails on an ocean-faring ship and robots preparing drinks in Las Vegas.

Realization date: 03/18 - 11/18

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