CLEVER LIVING KLR@Plzeň apartment building is located on Kollárova street near the centre. Even closer is Plzeň’s largest shopping and entertainment centre, Plzeň Plaza. The project’s premium location is one of the greatest advantages of Trigema Clever Living’s first project outside Prague
In a six-storey house, there are 82 new apartments of various categories. Another advantage is that each apartment is equipped with a balcony, loggia or terrace. Apartments on the top floors then have generous roof terraces.

In a house with a decently bright facade and elegant grey details, emphasis is placed on energy economy and other characteristics that Smart Living brings – triple glazing, a brick wall system and, above all, a comprehensively designed residential layout.

The architecture of the project CLEVER LIVING KLR@Plzeňen comes from the pen of architectural office AIP Plzeň. Plzeň company, AIP Plzeň spol.s r.o., was founded in 1992 and then continued to work on the project centre of architectural design "A" Stavoprojektu Plzeň, which, in the previous year, was transformed into the state enterprise "ATELIER A PLZEŇ". Ing. arch. Jan Baxa collaborated with the design department Trigema Building a.s.

The house is based on the tried and tested Clever Living concept, thanks to which it is equipped with plastic windows with insulating triple glazing units and air-conditioning units with recuperator, which is designed for forced ventilation of the apartment. This ensures that the loaded air consumed is replaced by new air, which is filtered from external contaminants and reheated to local room temperature. Výstavba bytového domu byla realizována pomocí moderních ekologických materiálů. The building is therefore also in energy efficiency class B, which means that the building is very economical. Construction work on the KLR @ Plzeň project was provided by Trigema Building a.s.

Parking for future residents is provided both through underground parking spaces under the house and in a neighboring detached house. With this solution, the project guarantees a higher capacity of offered parking spaces than that prescribed by the standard.

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