2011 | Barevné Letňany

Barevné Letňany offered a total of 259 apartments. The three houses form the tops of a triangle which covers an area of 22,000 meters. At the same time, there was also the necessary space for two recreational zones where a park and a playground were built. The pleasant impression is emphasized by the varicoloured facades, but the individual houses follow their names very subtly.
The complex adjoins on one side and prefabricated, mostly traditionally gray housing estate, on the other with old Letňany, which have a village character. At the same time, the effort to create an interesting visual impression of the project did not lead to an architectural endeavor. The shapes of the houses largely follow the internal layout of the flats, and perhaps every room has at least two free walls. Although the exterior of the house is very rugged, its internal structure is very simple, clear and user-friendly.

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