2022 | Fibran Hall

We completed the production site in the Joseph industrial zone, Havraň in Most for the Slovenian company Fibran in May 2022. Its construction took us 13 months of pure time.

The Fibran production plant in Havraň u Mostu is located in the southern part of the premises of the Joseph strategic industrial zone. The entire complex was designed for the purpose of production and storage of extruded polystyrene, and we built all the buildings of the complex from scratch. The site is divided into a production part (production hall, production technology, storage silo and gas tank), an administrative part (two-story administrative building, gatehouse) and a storage part (reinforced open and roofed storage areas). The contract also included corresponding technical and auxiliary operations and other facilities such as area roads, advertising areas, sanitary facilities for drivers, parking areas for waiting trucks, parking for employees and visitors, water management facilities (e.g. retention tanks and pumping stations) and orchards adjustments. The total investment costs were around 660 million crowns.

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