2022 | Reconstruction of apartment building Jaselská

Renovation of an apartment building on Jaselská street in Prague 6 for the Archdiocese of Prague as investor.

Following careful preparation, renovation of the apartment building on Jaselská street involved the complete disassembly of all ceilings, and their replacement, complete sanation of the significant damp in the basement, addition of another attic floor, complete disassembly of roofing support structures and roof tiles and its replacement with a new attic and working roof, complete replacement of interior and exterior woodwork, and following expert assessment and consultation with conservationists also the repair and complete restoration of the courtyard and street parts of the historical Art Nouveau building façade and the artwork featured on it. We can say that there was a particular moment when just the load-bearing perimeter and internal walls remained of the building, with all other construction elements having been disassembles (demolished) and replaced by new ones.

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