2023 | Reconstruction of the Varna in the Lihovar Smíchov

The listed Varna building in the Lihovar residential complex has been transformed into a newly renovated Musoleum gallery.

The reconstruction of the Varna building included not only repairs to the interior of the building, new plastering, ceilings and staircases, but also rehabilitation of the supporting structures. It was necessary to ensure the stability of the building by underpinning the foundation structures using jet grouting, to strengthen and strengthen the masonry by using helical reinforcement and a new reinforced concrete ring, which ensures the rigidity of the building. An underground floor was built in among the original foundation structures for the building's operational technologies and necessary facilities. Despite all efforts, it was unfortunately not possible to save the original windows in the important facade of the western facade due to severe corrosion. They were replaced by replicas that sufficiently emphasize the original building. The original shape of the roof was also preserved, including the fan superstructures and a pair of original roof trusses, the load-bearing function of which was taken over by new completed trusses.

Varna was equipped with a new unifying facade while preserving the visual appearance of Varna. An art gallery was created in the heritage-protected Varna, and as part of the reconstruction, some of the original openings were restored, and the original generous space with an atrium, open across all floors and ending with a skylight in the gable roof, was retained. The gallery exhibitions take place on individual platforms, the opening in the middle of the boards now allows the exhibition to connect and grow through the entire building. The skylight brings natural light into the interior. The original circular opening in the gable of the western facade was restored and provided with a window infill with the same profile as the other windows. In addition to the construction interventions, there was also restoration work, in particular the repair and restoration of the subtle body of the spiral cast-iron staircase with decoratively articulated steps and balustrades.

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