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New Buildings

Our projects mainly include new buildings, both residential projects and administrative and industrial buildings, which we implement as a general contractor within the investment plans of a sister development company.

Among the residential buildings, let us mention, for example, the successful housing project Barevné Letňany, in which three apartment buildings were built or three stages of the 2Barebné Letňany project. It is also worth mentioning the apartment building Chudenická and the first and second stages of the SMART Apartments project and, last but not least, the latest apartment buildings from the Smart Living concept: CLB @ Letňany, BLV @ Horní Měcholupy, CSV @ Řepy. The reference project are also ski apartments in the popular ski and recreation center Monínec. Non-residential projects that fall into the company's portfolio include the Science and Technology Park building in Roztoky, the AVE office building, extensions and reconstructions for the International School in Nebušice, the addition of the Paraple Center or the construction of the Žatec Heating Plant.

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Residential houses

"We have never tried unified rabbit hutch houses with hundreds of flats that seem to have fallen out of the production line. Each of Trigema's residential projects has its own personality and offers housing where people really feel good. With every new apartment building project, we bring innovations that meet the needs of future residents. "

Trigema Smart Housing apartment buildings are characterized by variability in the number of apartments offered. On the one hand, these are more intimate housing projects, as the examples of the Písková, 3D Rezidence and CSV @ Řepy apartment building projects show, but on the other hand there are also projects with hundreds of new apartments - such as SMART Byty, 2Barebné Letňany or Barevné Letňany. In contrast to a number of other new buildings, you will recognize Smart Housing apartment buildings at first sight - thanks to a quality and professional approach both in the preparation and implementation phase, they differ from most mass production currently on the market.


Science and technology parks

"We strive to create a favorable environment for innovative companies and provide them with services and spaces that enable cooperation between universities or research organizations and the business community."

Trigema has been working in the field of science and research since 2007. It thus responds to the growing demand for industrial research institutes with a focus on mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The first of such projects was the Science and Technology Park in Roztoky, which was successfully opened in 2011. The complex hosts innovators dedicated to the research and development of internal combustion engines. Another project is the Science Park, which is also based in Roztoky and is focused on research and development of electric motors for cars and motors with alternative drives. The successful projects Roztoky Science and Technology Park and Science Park have already created almost 200 new jobs for skilled workers. At the same time, the background in the form of different technologies and different approaches contribute to the synergetic effect from the resources expended on all sides and to the savings in operating costs.


Tourism areas

Trigema entered the field of congress tourism in 2007. It built the Academic Hotel and Congress Center in Roztoky and also reconstructed and modernized the Monínec complex, in which it is the majority owner and operator. Part of this modernization was the transformation of the Hotel Monínec, the construction of apartments of the same name and a restaurant in the Alpine style M2. It also built a four-seater cable car and a 1.2-kilometer ski slope. In addition, since 2016, it has been offering the public improved conditions for skiing thanks to the Snowfactory snowmaking technology, which allows snow to be prepared even at temperatures above zero. The snow produced by this technology is free of any chemical additives and is based on only two main sources - water and air.

The area in Monínec is also used all year round. There is a rope center, bike park, educational trail Bees and ants, natural swimming Pilský pond, which also includes a sports field and refreshments. There is a wide network of bike paths and two golf courses in the area.

Another leisure area is being prepared in the Samoty area in Železná Ruda in Šumava. Here, it counts on further development of the area in the form of a new cable car, expansion of ski areas and a number of other improvements.

Another Trigema project is the Cyberdog technology information center, which is intended for the general public. There is also a wine bar with a robotic arm. The project opened in Prague at the Nové Butovice metro station at the end of November. The authors of the design of the two-storey futuristic building are the heads of the Black n ‘Arch studio, David Černý, and Tomáš Císař. The studio is part of Trigema, which built, invested and runs Cyberdog.

In Veselí nad Moravou, a project of a medium-sized winery is currently being prepared, which will be in close proximity to the Baťa canal. The area should be a tourist destination, where, in addition, demonstrations of viticulture and wine production or sommelier courses would be held. The complex will be located in the protection zone of the monument of the neighboring chateau. There will also be accommodation facilities, which will offer four smaller buildings with three floors with apartments accessible from a central open staircase. The total accommodation capacity will be about 100 beds. The building of the winery itself is designed as a ground floor modern circular with partly walkable and partly green roof. However, the first wine of the winery, which bears the Dog in Dock brand, can already be tasted now. This is thanks to the cooperation of the Veselí nad Moravou Winery with local winemakers from the neighborhood.



So far, Trigema has focused mainly on housing projects and the development of science and technology complexes as part of its development activities. These projects include not only scientific workplaces and business incubators, but also quality office and conference facilities. These are, for example, characterized by the flexibility of the internal arrangement. Of course there are ceilings with built-in lighting and controllable sun visors.

There are also green and partially grassy roofs, 24/7 access to the building and 24/7 security service. Although we are not a typical office developer, he also prepares projects that will offer mainly office use. All this with an emphasis on modern trends in architecture, design and modern technologies.


Multifunctional new buildings

Thanks to our rich experience in the field of construction and development, we implement a number of multifunctional projects that offer several functions at once in one place. The housing function on some of them, as shown by the examples of SMART flats, CLB @ Letňany or Multifunctional houses in Roztoky projects, is complemented by smaller commercial and other premises.

We are also developing the immediate surroundings of our projects. We thus invest in a public space that serves both those who live, work and visit them, and everyone else. In the order of tens of millions of crowns, which were invested directly in public space by the Trigema concern, we carried out, for example, the reconstruction of the pedestrian zone in Prague's Nové Butovice, including the Cyberdog Science and Technology Information Center, which also includes a robotic wine bar. Opposite the place, the Trifot restaurant and the multifunctional Czech Photo Center gallery serve the public, focusing primarily on the best of contemporary domestic and world photography.

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