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KAMÝK Location


About the project

The prepared project complies with the rules defined by the capital city of Prague and the generally binding regulations for development of the city. The project was repeatedly modified in the past on the basis of suggestions by the affected bodies, the city district and suggestions by the citizens (i.e. reduction of the height of the buildings). The Trigema Company offered the city district and its residents an investment into public areas in the value of approx. CZK 36 million. Proposals for financing specific plans were presented – for instance revitalisation of parks, realisation of a square, investment into a municipal building in the form of a nursery school, municipal police station, post office, repairs to the existing car park and repairs to existing unsuitable school facilities. The Trigema Company is prepared to continue answering professional queries concerning the plan. Another meeting was arranged with representatives of the citizens and Prague 12 city district.




Commercial area :

Construction :





2 600 m²

24 months

Prague 11-Kamýk
Public transport station B Lhotecký les



A survey took place from February to March 2018 in the location of the planned Kamýk project. This was realised with the help of personal questioning on the basis of a quota selection. The NMS Market Research s.r.o. Company performed compilation of data. The questionnaire was created by Sociores in cooperation with the client, the Trigema Development Company.

A total of 303 respondents took part in the survey.
Of this:

  • 52% women and 48% men;
  • 16% aged between “15-29 years”, 31% aged between “30-44 years”, 20% aged “45 – 59 years”, 33% aged “60 and more”,
  • 6% with primary school education, 20% with secondary school education without a school leaving examination, 47% with a secondary school education with school leaving examination / higher vocational / follow-on, 27% with a university education.


  • Respondents most appreciate the “parks, woodland and green areas” (72%) and the “peace” (44%) in the location.
  • On the contrary, they are most annoyed by the offered options of “too few parking spaces” (21%) and the “disorder and squalor” (19%), and also by the “State of the roads and pavements” (15%). However satisfaction with the existing situation predominates – most respondents (35%) gave the response “nothing” in the open option.
  • Respondents most often lack a “place to park” (31%), “somewhere to go for culture” (25%) and another fifth of respondents (17- 20%): “lack somewhere where they could meet with friends indoors”, “somewhere to visit a market”, “a place for the children to play safely” and “somewhere to go for food”. However, a third of respondents do not lack anything (28%).
  • Most respondents (67%) consider the site of the project the natural local centre. This data did not differ significantly in relation to the address in the location (A, B, C).
  • Most of the residents (86%) go shopping at least once a week at the Billa supermarket. 39% of respondents shop there on a daily basis, or practically every day.
  • of the proposed measures for further development of the location: “Supplementation and modification of green areas in the location and repairs to roads in the park” rated 2.2 on average, “Creation of new parking places for existing residents” and “supplementation of elements for leisure time activities and game elements in the location” placed joint second with an average rating of 2.8.

Comment. The lower the value the more important it is. This concerns an average rating from 1st place (the most important) to 5th place (least important).

  • Most respondents (34%) chose “Supplementation and modification of green areas in the location and repairs to roads in the park” as the most important (i.e. in 1st place), the item “parking places” was chosen by 23% of respondents and 15% respondents chose “Construction of a new nursery school”.
  • A third of respondents were hearing about the planned Kamýk project for the first time (36%), another third (34%) “knows only that something is being planned”. A fifth of respondents (22%) has more information (“I have an idea, but I don’t know the details”) and 8% of respondents also know details about the project.

All the picture materials portrayed on this page are of an informational nature only and may be subject to changes in the future.


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