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Restaurant TRIFOT, sculpture TRIFOT and Czech Photo Centre means connection between art and fine gastronomy. Fotographic monster TRIFOT by David Černý stands you in front of the building where the restaurant is. This sculpture connects outside with the restaurant TRIFOT and photo gallery situated in the same building.

Come here to experience connection between gourmet and art...


Trifot Restaurant

Are you interested why you should visit our restaurant? We offer you two main reasons for visiting.

We cook from the freshest ingredients

Our fruit, vegetables, meat and other ingredients are always fresh and you will also always find fresh fish on our daily menu. We do not cook from frozen ingredients or processed food and we do not use glutamates. Thickening food with flour is taboo at our restaurant!

Tasty and healthy

Even guests who are watching their weight will be able to find something on our menu. You can choose from one of our lightly cooked meals with a vegetable side dish.

We are neighbor to the Czech Photo Center

This space was designed in accord with the neighbouring Czech Photo Centre gallery, which is a multi-genre art space. It offers the opportunity for self-realisation to artistically orientated people and not only to them. It wishes to draw the residents of Prague into events taking place in the world of art and become a place where Prague residents and other visitors encounter works from leading Czech and world photographers and streetart installations.

We have an interior that warms up

The interior of the restaurant was designed in the urban design style with distinctive details, which are a link to the main concept of the entire Czech Photo Centre complex. Visitors will be interested in the distinctive elements linked to photography on the walls. A large model of a camera, photographic film winding along the length of the restaurant and a dominant library with an infinite number of books on the topic of photography in a thousand ways.

We will provide space for your corporate event

It is the combination with the variable areas of the gallery that creates the ideal venue for corporate meetings, presentations and mini-vernissages, as well as parties or business dinners. We are willing to help arrange a corporate event according to your specific wishes and requirements.



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