Kamýk. Five letters for a new life.

A place that breathes in new life.

A new beginning,
a new Kamýk

Experience the restart of a Prague housing estate
as a modern place for living.

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AMI Centrum, Kamýk

We enjoy transforming Prague districts, in which time seems to have stopped still, into comfortable and charismatic places where you like to live. We enjoy giving people homes, and we feel responsibility for the surrounding space.

Type Apartments and retail
Number of apartments and garages 154 / 171
Retail areas 2 600 m2
Layout of apartments studio – 4 bedroom + kitchenette
Location Prague 12-Kamýk (public transport station Lhotecký les)
Construction time 24 months

That’s why, as part of the Kamýk Apartment Building project, which will offer 154 apartments and 171 parking spaces, we want to beautify the surrounding area, and complement it with a modern supermarket as well as local shops, bistros and cafés.

We understand a home as not just the apartment itself, but also a comfortable and pleasant place for living. We’re interested in our neighbours, and the places in which we build. We want you to feel good, safe and comfortable in them, whether you’re local residents, you work here or you’re just visiting. That’s why we repeatedly modified the Kamýk Apartment Building project according to comments from the relevant authorities, the district and citizens, and we also offered the district an investment in public space of approximately 36 million crowns. We’d like to beautify the local park and square, which deserve modernisation, build a new kindergarten, municipal police station and post office, and repair the school and the old car park.

Our Kamýk Apartment Building project is currently in line with the zoning plan, and has received an affirmative statement from Prague City Hall’s Department of Regional Development.

Public information

The opinions of our neighbors are important to us, which is why we modified the project according to the comments of local residents and public administration. At this point, we would like to share a record of communication with public administration representatives and present the steps we have taken in the past to make a relevant presentation of the project to the public.

Information Office

The information office for the construction of the Kamýk apartment building was opened every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm in the former premises of the Billa store in OC AMI from August 26 to October 1, 2021.

Reply to the mayor's letter of 8.6.2021

Dear Mr. Mayor, Due to the failure to bring the original intention under the name "Kamýk apartment building" into the phase of realization and subsequent completion, the representatives of REWE, which operates the Billa supermarket chain, decided, at their own discretion, not to extend the lease and closed the store on February 28, 2021. , which affected us mainly economically. The expectations of Billa representatives were the vision of new modern premises corresponding in quality and execution to current normative requirements and trends. She did not see the prospect of staying in the morally obsolete space, and they evaluated the investment in the reconstruction of the interior as ineffective.

Our goal was to re-occupy the space as soon as possible with a similarly high-quality food chain, such as the Albert, Norma or Penny brands, with which we actively negotiated. However, they did not sign the contract either. As I was informed, we were also contacted by telephone by a representative of the P12 district asking if he could be contacted by a potential operator of another food chain, which can be immediately approved for us. However, to date, no one has contacted us on this matter. The departure of a strong grocer and the complications of re-occupying the space thus had a negative effect on the payment morale of some tenants, and the operation of the center thus became economically unsustainable for us, as we increasingly pay extra for operation and services to energy suppliers. In order to prevent the deepening of losses, we are forced to close the shopping center to 30. 8. 2021.

To your remark about the availability of civic amenities, I can only add that our interest is not, and never has been, the difficulty of the availability of services in this location. On the contrary, our aim was to maintain the operation of the center even during the closure of the store during construction by providing alternative mobile sales so that the basic needs of the local population were met. You will surely remember our joint meeting with the participation of other representatives of the Prague 12 and Billa districts on December 17, 2018, where this procedure was presented.

We are aware of the complexity of the process of obtaining a building permit. It should be noted, however, that this is largely influenced by politically motivated activities and the public's opposition to everything new. With the exclusion of these factors and respect for the set legislative processes, it is possible to obtain a permit in an adequate time.

As we informed you in the email from 26.2.2021, our goal remains the revitalization of the existing building with the preservation of retail space to the same extent, the construction of an apartment building, which was reduced and modified in its current form according to the MMR methodology and the resumption of the shopping center as soon as possible. To date, the project has been discussed with all the authorities concerned and is ready to start construction proceedings. The reopening of the shopping center therefore depends only on the course of the construction procedure, and in the case of its standard development, citizens will soon be able to look forward to a new modern center.

Spring 2018 questionnaire survey

During February to March 2018, research was carried out at the site of the Kamýk project being prepared by personal inquiry based on quota selection. Data collection was performed by NMS Market Research s.r.o. The questionnaire was created by Sociores in cooperation with the client, Trigema Development.

A total of 303 respondents took part in the survey.
Of which:

  • 52 % women and 48% men;
  • 16% aged "15-29", 31% aged "30-44", 20% aged "45-59", 33% aged "60 and over years";
  • 6% with primary education, 20% with secondary without GCSE, 47% with secondary education with GCSE / higher professional / superstructure; 27% with college.

Selected conclusions of the survey

  • Respondents value "parks, forest, greenery" (72%) and "quiet" (44%) the most in the locality.
  • On the contrary, they are most bothered by the "few parking spaces" (21%) and "clutter, dirt" options offered. 19%), followed by “road and sidewalk conditions” (15%). But satisfaction with the current situation prevails - in the open the majority (35%) said "nothing".
  • Respondents most often lack a "place to park" (31%), a "place to go for culture" (25%) and one fifth of respondents (17-20%) lack: "where I could meet friends and acquaintances inside", "where to go to the market "," where children could play safely "," where to go for food ". But a third of respondents do not miss it nothing (28%).
  • The majority of respondents (67%) consider the place of the project to be a natural local center; this figure does not. differ significantly in connection with residence in the locality (A, B, C).
  • The vast majority of respondents shop at the Bila supermarket at least once a week (86%). Daily or almost daily that is 39% of respondents.
  • Of the proposed measures for the further development of the site, the best place was “Replenishment and modification of greenery in the site, repairs of roads in the park "with an average order of 2.2. It finished in second place with an average ranking of 2.8 "Creating new parking spaces for existing residents" and "adding elements for leisure activities and game elements in the locality”.

Note The lower the value, the more important. This is the average ranking from 1st place (most important) to 5th. (least important).

  • Most respondents (34%) chose "Replenishment and modification of greenery in the locality, repairs of roads in the park" as the most important (ie in the 1st place), then 23% of respondents and 15% of respondents "building new school".
  • One third of respondents heard about the upcoming Kamýk project for the first time (36%); another third (34%) "only know that something like this is going on". One-fifth of respondents (22%) have more information ("I have quite an idea, but I don't know the details") and 8% of respondents also know the details of the project.

All images shown on this site are for informational purposes only and may be subject to future reference changes.


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