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Paprsek, Stodůlky

A home isn’t just an apartment as a small private planet in spacetime. We know that a home is more, a home is an entire universe: the neighbourhood where you go for walks, stores that you enjoy shopping in, cafés you love to go to, a place where you go to run and switch off for a while. A home is also your neighbourhood and its mood – the atmosphere of the surrounding environment. We’ve also thought of this in the case of our Paprsek [Ray] project in Stodůlky.

Type Apartments and retail
Number of apartments and garages aprox. 270 / 300
Retail areas 2 650 m2
Layout of apartments studio – 4 bedroom + kitchenette
Location Prague 13-Stodulky (metro station B Stodulky)
Construction time 24 months

In our concept, part of the project, which is located near Prokopské údolí [Prokop Valley], and which will offer more than 240 apartments and 330 parking spaces, is therefore also the flourishing and improved cosiness of the dismal state of part of Šostakovičovo náměstí [Shostakovich Square], which will be transformed into a modern new centre with a unique atmosphere. In addition to the housing itself, and a wide, high-quality menu of modern services, we’re also planning to build a public nature park with many green areas, where local residents and visitors alike will be able to take a break from urban hustle and bustle. In terms of spatial and functional regulation, the project is in accordance with the original South-West City design. The proposed new development is in line with the standpoint of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR).

Public hearing

Information from public hearings

Previous discussion

  • Autumn 2017 (Restaurant KD Mlejn, Prague 13)

  • Spring 2018 (Center for Architecture and Urban Planning CAMP, Prague 2)

  • Spring 2018 (Czech Photo Center, Prague 13)

On March 26 and 29, two more presentations of the Paprsek project took place. The first, long-prepared event, organized within the exhibition Prague Tomorrow and the second directly on the territory of the city district of Prague 13. Both events contained similar program:

The company Trigema (investor) acquainted the public with the 3D model of the BD Paprsek project. This was followed by a presentation of your own intention from the investor's representatives through the architects - the presentation contained the conclusions from the previous public hearing (Autumn 2017). The public was acquainted with the results of a public survey conducted by an investor and a sociologist from the IPR to find out the opinions and needs of the population in the area of Prague 13. Finally, the citizens were invited to an open discussion organized in the form of a debate. Finally, a conceptual study for the creation of new parking spaces in Shostakovich Square; possible modification of the public space before entering the metro and possible future use existing post offices for public use.

Discussions with citizens focused on the following topics:

  • Parking options (current and future)
  • The height of some of the proposed buildings and the potential shading of residents in the surrounding buildings
  • Planned increase in residents
  • Future use of commercial space in the project
  • Current status of the project in terms of permitting processes

Trigema has transparently presented the project to both the city district of Prague 13 and its citizens and is ready to respond further to technical questions about the intention


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