Complaints procedure

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Complaints procedure

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Complaints procedure

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Summary of information

What does the warranty apply to?

The warranty may apply to a residential or commercial units and also to the common areas of the building in which the unit is located. The Claims Rules also apply to the parts and fixtures fittings of the building, including those located outside it on functionally related land.

How long is the warranty?

This is a 36-month warranty. It commences running on the day ownership of the unit is registered in the relevant Land Registry, or on the day the homeowners’ association legally originates. The exception to the aforementioned warranty period is the warranty for silicone and acrylic putties, where as the time limit for submitting complaints is just six months.

What does the warranty apply to?

To defects in material and execution of work provided by the contractor or its sub-contractors and to defects in the distributions systems of technical equipment of the building and to the mechanical systems. On the contrary, the warranty does not apply to defects originating as a result of failure to adhere to the instructions given in the Claims Rules or the Manual for operation and maintenance of the residential or commercial unit.

What is the procedure when submitting a claim?

In the event that the claim is justified, the contractor will come to an agreement with the owner on the time schedule for removing the defect. The owner must then provide the contractor with access to his unit so that he can remove the defect.

How is a claim submitted?

The owner always submits the claim in writing, by registered mail. The claim is addressed to the following contact information: Trigema Building a.s., Explora Business centre Jupiter, Bucharova 2641/14, 158 00, Prague 5. Another option is to send everything by e-mail to the address, or use client section.

What must the claim contain?

  • the date the defect was established,
  • a detailed description of the defect, including potential photographic documentation of the defect,
  • the name of the project, street, unit number, possibly the location in the building and the specific place of occurrence of the defect within the unit,
  • a proposal of the most suitable date for a visit by the representative of the claims department,
  • contact information (mobile phone, telephone, e-mail) for confirmation of a potential visit or repairs.

What happens when the owner fails to cooperate with the contractor?

If a situation during the owner does not provide the contractor with the essential cooperation during assessment of the justification and subsequently during removal of the claimed defect occurs (for instance by failing to provide access to the unit within 60 days of submission of the claim), the owner’s entitlement to removal of the defect thereby expires.

What does the warranty not apply to? 

This concerns for example:

  • defects in items, their parts or accessories, which were not included in the original delivery,
  • defects in materials or defects caused by work performed by someone other than the contractor,
  • defects originating as a result of use of the residential unit for non-residential purposes,
  • defects originating as a result of unauthorised manipulation,
  • normal wear.

Complete wording of the Claims rules for apartments (PDF)

Complete wording of the Claims rules for family houses (PDF)

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