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In 2017 Trigema focused more than it ever had in the past on its future development, in the field of development and in construction, tourism and in our other activities. We simultaneously increased our efforts to conduct business in the field of start-ups, which has resulted in the first feasible project. Development remains a crucial sphere of activity for Trigema. The results of our developer work are smart living apartment houses, which are currently offered on three levels of quality, in both Prague and in Plzeň.

We are also preparing several additional projects in the capital city and in other cities in the Czech Republic. With regard to the size and therefore also the financial requirements of the individual projects, the plan to establish the historically first Trigema corporate bond programme was announced in 2017. Within the scope of the first bond issue wave investors subscribed bonds for nearly 450 million crowns. The original estimate was that the interest of investors would be much smaller and would range at just around 300 million Crowns.

We were also able to boast good results in relation to construction production, where we were engaged not only in construction of residential buildings, but also in renovation and insulation. The awards we were presented in the Building of the Year contest are evidence of the quality of our work.

Improvement of the economic results of the Monínec Resort, which are based on increasing the visiting rate and revenue, are the results of our investment activities in recent months. The new Snowfactory technology has brought tens of thousands of new clients to Monínec. But we were also successful here in other seasons. This means that the resort has become a fully-fledged facility for spending leisure time throughout the year.

We also gave considerable support to selected projects in the field of social responsibility. As well as Centrum Paraple, who we have supported for over 15 years, this particularly means the projects and activities of the Czech Photo charitable association, which operates the new multi-cultural Czech Photo Centre and organises the Czech Press Photo and Czech Nature Photo competitions. Awareness of the Trigema brand is increasing every year, as surveys confirm. We also appreciate the trust our business partners express on a daily basis. However, we also respond to current developments on the real estate and construction markets so that we are capable of keeping up with the strong competition in the following years.

Areas that are currently a great challenge to us are robotisation and automation of construction and we believe there is significant potential in this area. We have naturally used modern technologies to the satisfaction of clients interested in Smart Living for several years now and it is now time to progress in making our construction work even more effective and also increase its quality

More in the Annual Report for 2017


2016 - 1994

2016 | Completion of the 2nd phase of the SMART Apartments Nové Butovice project, commencement of construction of BLV@Horní Měcholupy and CSV@Řepy, realisation of insulation of the biggest apartment building in history (investor: apartment building Zelenohorská)
Annual Report 2016

2015 | Completion of construction of the 1st phase of the SMART Apartments Nové Butovice project, commencement of construction of CLB@Letňany.
Annual Report 2015

2014 | Completion of the 2nd and 3rd phases of the 2Barevné Letňany apartment buildings, completion of a science and technology park under the name of Roztoky Science Park and commencement of construction of the SMART Apartments project.
Annual Report 2014

2013 | DCompletion of the 1st phase of 2Barevné Letňany, apartment building Chudenická, commencement of construction of the 2nd and 3rd phases of 2Barevných Letňany, PV Roztoky
Annual Report 2013

2012 | Completion of Rezidence 3D, commencement of construction of 2Barevné Letňany, commencement of construction of apartment building Chudenická for SBD Pokrok, renovation of Hotel Monínec
Annual Report 2012

2011 | Completion of the Science and Technology Park Roztoky and the 3rd phase of the apartment building Letňany, commencement of Rezidence 3D, commencement of construction of apartment building Písková for SBD Pokrok
Annual Report 2011

2010 | Completion of the 2nd phase of apartment building BD Letňany and commencement of the 3rd phase – Blue building, commencement of construction of the Science and Technology Park in Roztoky, renovation and completion of ISP Nebušice
Annual Report 2010

2009 | Construction of the 2nd phase of Barevné Letňany – Yellow building, preparation of the project for the Science and Technological Park in Roztoky, opening of the resort on Monínec
Annual Report 2009

2008 | Consolidated turnover reached nearly CZK 0.8 billion, construction of the Barevné Letňany residential project and apartments on Monínec and construction of the Sportrelax Centrum Monínec ski resort
Annual Report 2008

2007 | Completion of the company’s group structure, establishment of Trigema Building a.s., completion of the 2nd phase of apartment building Stodůlky, acquisitions to the apartment building Letňany project company
Annual Report 2007

2006 | Completion of the multifunctional building in Roztoky and the Academic Congress Hotel, acquisition to the Monínec s.r.o. Company
Annual Report 2006

2005 | Commencement of construction of the congress centre in Roztoky, completion of four apartment buildings in Stodůlky
Annual Report 2005

2004 | Commencement of construction of apartment building Stodůlky and the 2nd phase of development of the square in Roztoky, apartment building Roztoky B2+B3
Annual Report 2004

2003 | Construction of apartment building Jinonice, preparation of apartment building Stodůlky, establishment of Trigema Development s.r.o.

2002 | Occupancy permit issued for apartment buildings in Roztoky A1 and A2 and construction of apartment building Jinonice, contract for land in Stodůlky

2001 | Launch of a partnership with Centrum Paraple

2000 | Winning the selection tender for coordinator of development of the central square in Roztoky

1999 | Completion of construction of Centrum Paraple, completion of construction of apartment building Nýřanská

1998 | Completion of the first developer project in Radotín, the apartment building project on Nýřanská Street, establishment of Trigema Real s. r.o., 1st insulation of family houses

1997 | Construction of an apartment building in Radotín

1996 | 1st lagging of a shed in Čakovice and 1st project for an apartment building in Radotín

1995 | 1st contract – renovation of the roof frame of the U Marčanů restaurant in Veleslavín and construction of the rough structure of a family house in Dobřichovice

1994 | 27 March – establishment of the Trigema s.r.o. Company

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