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Social Responsibility

Centrum Paraple

Nearly 200 people become paralysed after suffering a spinal cord injury in the Czech Republic every year. All it takes is one fateful second and your life changes forever. This means paralysis, a wheelchair and being dependent on the help of others.

Centrum Paraple originated as a result of the efforts of the Association of Paraplegics with the help of Zdeněk Svěrak, in order to help people with spinal cord damage. This organisation helps people who are paralysed as a result of spinal cord injury to come to terms with the consequences of their disability as quickly as possible, deal with potential medical complications, reduce their dependence on the help of others, acquire and maintain good physical fitness and return to living an active life.

Trigema became one of its main partners because this is a meaningful project, which has helped many people in the long-term, and has supported this organisation financially and materially since 1999.

In 2010 Trigema completed construction of the Centrum Paraple building. During the construction work Trigema not only gave up part of its profits in the value of over three quarter of a million Crowns, but also passed on every reduction of the price for the construction work, achieved during selection tenders for sub-contractors, to Centrum Paraple. Trigema remains one of the main partners to this organisation and continues to actively support it. In 2014 Centrum Paraple and Trigema both celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Czech Photo

Czech Photo is a charitable association, which holds the prestigious Czech Press Photo competition every year. It became one of the operators of the Czech Photo Centre – a modern multi-functional exhibition space in Prague 5 in the location of Stodůlky, right next to Nové Butovice metro station, in October 2016.

Czech Press Photo is a traditional photo competition, which will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary. In addition to the transition under a new management, the competition has also been given a new appearance. Czech Press Photo has the ambition to be a display of contemporary visual journalism. It is a platform for publishing the personal testimonies of photographers, including those that could not be used by the media for various reasons, gravity or quality. The goal of this competition and subsequent exhibitions is the endeavour to motivate photographers during the everyday stereotype of their work to take a personal approach and thereby stimulate development of photo-journalism. And also to allow the public to witness the events of the past year.

The Czech Photo Centre is a multi-genre art space, situated by Nové Butovice metro station, where it creates an art zone outside the city centre. The Czech Photo Centre has the ambition to become one of the most important galleries in the capital city. It provides the opportunity of self-realisation to young people in particular, and also to others. It wishes to draw the inhabitants of Prague into events in the world of art and become a place where Prague residents and other visitors can encounter works by leading Czech and world photographers and also streetart installations. A restaurant, studio, photographic archive, Czech Photo office areas and outdoor gallery all adjoin the exhibition space. The centre’s activities include co-organisation of the prestigious Czech Press Photo competition and the new Czech Nature Photo competition.

The Czech Photo Archive is based on the fact that Czech Photo o.p.s. is not just the organiser of the prestigious Czech Press Photo Competition, but also the owner of its archive and the photographs are now professionally stored. The main goal is to continue working with them and to make them permanently available to the public. In principle this concerns updated cross-sections through topical categories of the Czech Press Photo competition or just their parts.

Czech Nature Photo is a new competition, which presents and assesses the best photos of live nature by Czech photographers. The competition presents nature from all over the world as our photographers see it. Czech Nature Photo wants to pass on the message that each of us is responsible for the state of nature worldwide. The competition is intended for both professionals and advanced amateur photographers.

Trigema historically presented its own award for the most impressive photograph or series of photographs of live nature within the terms of the Czech Press Photo competition. In 2014 Trigema became a main partner to the competition and in 2016 it elevated its partnership to general partner.


Trigema has also supported the Toulava project for a number of years. This project includes the tourist area located on the boundary between South and Central Bohemia and also includes the Monínec Resort, which Trigema operates.

Toulava is an official tourist region located on the boundary between South and Central Bohemia. It covers the broad area around the town of Tábor, which it is centre, from the Sedlčany area to the Bechyně area and Soběslav, from the Milevsko area to Jistebnice and Mladovožice. It lies proudly between the green peaks alternating between river valleys and sloping down to the marshy wetlands, among small towns and picturesque villages.

It covers a region of an area of over 2,000 km2, it encompasses 155 municipalities, 11 castles and ruins, 18 observation towers, 7 nature parks, 8 national cultural monuments, 15 protected towns and villages, over 1,000 km of cycle and hiking paths, over 200 km of educational trails and 150 km of running routes, with over 30 museums, 4 chateaus open to the public, 2 golf courses, 5 breweries and one zoo. You will also find spas, regional products, gastronomic experiences, traditions in the form of festivals and ancient Bohemian open-air museums, natural bathing areas in Lužnice, Vltava and numerous ponds and quarries, the only South Bohemian Cave, adrenalin at the rope park and other attractions for children, such as the museum of chocolate, Lego, the adventure park and medieval open-air museum in this region.

Other cultural and artistic projects

Dejvice theater

We have been the proud sponsor of Dejvice Theatre for several years now. This theatre has established a reputation as one of the most sought after and popular Czech theatres over the 25 years since it opened and the theatre is practically permanently sold out (which is not just because of its small capacity) and offers performances of various genres, which all have a common denominator: good theatre with a clear opinion and with emphasis on the actors.

Jatka 78

Jatka 78 is a multi-functional theatre hall, small stage, training hall, rehearsal room, gallery and bar & bistro. A place, which provides the ideal conditions for new circus, dancing, non-verbal, alternative and puppet theatre. A space open to Czech and foreign ensembles, adapted to residential projects and performances, workshops, conferences, discussions, lectures, exhibitions and happenings. Trigema became a partner of this organisation at the end of 2017 mainly thanks to the unusual concept and promotion of new art styles, which is what Jatka 78 endeavours to do.

Music projects and more

A number of other cultural projects, including music projects, also need our help. In recent years we have been involved in promoting creation of a book by prof. Josef Koutecky titled “My third love”, and we have also been partners to the Unconventional Žižkov autumn 2019 festival.

We are also a partner to the local Bránik sobě festival, the Celebrations of the right and left bank in Roztoky, the Ball for students and employees of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University and many local events throughout Prague.

Sports projects

VolleyTeam ČZU Prague

For the second year now we are a partner to the VolleyTeam Czech University of Life Sciences Prague volleyball team, which is a traditional volleyball club with over twenty years of tradition. This tradition is based mainly on high-quality and long-term work with the youth, which the club’s activities have primarily focused on and which also corresponds to the number of team players and top-league volleyball players the club has trained. The fact that VolleyTeam Czech University of Life Sciences Prague was repeatedly declared the best youth team in the Czech Republic for three consecutive years in a survey by the Czech Volleyball Association, is also evidence of its successful work.

Basketball - Civil Engineering Faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague

We are fans of sport. Particularly for young and talented athletes, for whom sport is a hobby and active exercise. This is why Trigema has provided long-term support to the basketball team of the Civil Engineering Faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague, which currently plays in the Prague B league. We hope that our contributions enables the athletes to relax during their demanding studies and we wish them much athletic success.

Help as a birthday gift

Another way the company’s employee help, through the company itself, is birthday gifts. Each employee has the option to choose whether he receives a birthday gift from the company or whether he would rather donate the money to help others. Employees also have the opportunity to propose and vote on who the gift money will be donated to. In 2014 we supported the PragUlic social enterprise, which helps homeless people and also the public with the everyday lives of “homeless” people. The next year we donated funds collected in this manner to the “Invisible exhibition”, which takes place entirely in the dark and means that blind people are given work as “guides in the dark”.

Other support

Friends of swift

Renovation and insulation of houses means the irreplaceable loss of thousands of nesting opportunities. Swifts are distinguished by their permanent link to their nesting place. They return repeatedly to the place they successfully nested and reared young. It takes them one or more years to find a new nesting place if they lose their old one. Between 1989 and 2000 the number of swifts in Prague fell by nearly 45%! This is why the Trigema Building Company became a company executing insulation of buildings on the basis of recommendations by the Czech Ornithological Society and actively helps protect swifts on the buildings its constructs (in cooperation with project designers, investors and authorities).

Help during natural disasters

It is difficult to see a disaster that has happened. However, it is nice to see that people from around the world are capable of coming together and providing a helping hand to those who need it. Trigema has also become involved in the past and we have provided financial donations to Haiti when it was hit by earthquakes, Japan when it was hit by earthquakes and tsunami, and to the SOS NEPAL account, which is administered by the People in Need organisation. These funds were used to purchase essential food, hygienic products and medication for the affected areas.

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