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Vision, values and strategy


The mission of companies in the Trigema Group is to deliver exceptional new apartments and commercial spaces of the highest quality to their customers.


Its vision is to become an important, reliable and sought-after partner, not only within the terms of Prague, but within the scope of the entire Czech Republic. To be one of the biggest developers in the region and gradually become an investment group. We uphold the values of reliability, trust, ethics and stability.


Trigema is based on its people. All the company’s values arise from its people. Financial power and capital are products of the company’s ideas and strong spirit. Personal responsibility in all positions, the moral and ethical aspect, loyalty, diligence, motivation and personal example have become a part of the unwritten corporate culture.


The key strategy is re-investment of all profits into new products. We carefully create very precise budgets and plans so that we are able to flexibly react to rapidly changing conditions on the market. 

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