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Trigema bond program

Trigema Real Estate Finance a.s.

The bonds are issued by Trigema Real Estate Finance a.s., which falls under the real estate sub-group administered by Trigema Real Estate a.s., which was established within the terms of the professional restructuring of the Trigema a.s. Group in 2014.


The issuer’s only activity will be to issue bonds and utilise the resulting funds for acquisition financing, re-financing acquisition costs, payment and re-financing of project costs within the terms of the group of the Guarantor – Trigema Real Estate as. in the form of loans with interest.


The audit committee

List of members of the audit committee companies in Trigema Real Estate Finance a.s.:
Ing. Iveta Krašovicová
Ing. Jiří Medřický
Zita Klímová

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