2008 | Monínec Complex

Monínec lies in the heart of Czech Siberia, and the combination of its microclimate, north slope and elevation makes Monínec a unique natural glacier. There are a number of pistes for skiers and snowboarders. Our four-seat chairlift will take you to the top of the 1.2 km long piste. The ski school teaches adults and children in two skiparks. The resort is also equipped with the latest snow-making technology allowing snow to be produced at temperatures above zero degrees. Monínec is thus the ideal place for skiing near Prague.
The ski school offers tuition of adults and children on the School run with a 93 m magic carpet. All facilities, fully equipped for winter sports, including hire facilities and servicing facilities, are a matter of course. Thanks to the most modern snow system the local slope is ideal for skiing even when bikes are being ridden elsewhere.

The Monínec Resort is also equipped with technology allowing snow production at temperatures above zero, this means that the season lasts noticeable longer here than in other resorts.

Downhill course with lighting and bridging of the road, snow, four-chair lift, ski lift, restaurant, utilities, parking
Location: Moninec, Sedlec-Prcice
Cableway capacity: 2400 persons / hour
Restaurant capacity: 200 seats
Other areas: Congress hall, 4 rooms for accommodation, sanitary facilities
Implementation period: 4/2008 - 12/2008
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