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We create a space
where you can grow.

Runner, collector, jogger, photographer, artist, fisherman, aircraft lover, techno enthusiast, cyclist, reader. Whoever you might be, we have a space for you where you can grow.

We create a better living space

Our projects go beyond the area of “mere“ housing, interconnecting places with their inhabitants‘ lives, and improving the surrounding living space.

We create a better living space

We have the courage to realise big visions regardless of conventions. We combine housing functionality with exceptional and original architecture.

We create a better living space

We personally care about all the projects we create, and we simply want you to feel good in them. That’s why we also care for the surrounding space, and change it for the better.

We’re changing
the status quo

We respect the view that a dwelling isn’t just an anonymous place to sleep, but a place to live with everything that belongs in it. We connect the space where we build with culture, and we encourage a sense of togetherness among people, both with each other and with the place they live in.



Stage I.



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Bydlení Skvrňany


207 apartments

Under construction


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140 rental apartments

Under construction


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PAPRSEK Stodůlky


270 apartments



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We’re fulfilled by the meaning of our work

We feel responsibility for our actions, and we have the courage to positively influence the community that our activity affects. We’re fulfilled by the feeling of excellently and professionally performed work that has meaning.

Bydlení Brâník

Branické náměstí
Praha 4

Nová "Nuselská"

Nuselská street
Prague 4


Na Maninách street
Prague 7


Čistovická street
Prague 17

SMART byty

Seydlerova street
Prague 13

VTP Roztokyy

Přílepská 1920

What we believe in, we independently create.

We pride ourselves on our own values, which we believe in. This helps us achieve exceptional and independent projects, based on our concept and corporate culture.

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